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I like this idea for questions and simple suggestions.

However there are some things that would, despite their simplicity, get lost in such threads. People won't like to read long threads to find their answer so this may easily fail.

I can see devoting several stickies to different question "classes" that are related in scope to cut the clutter of a single QQ thread. I think the whole staff reservation about "Too many stickies" is just stupid to be honest. If it takes 15 stickies to cover something, so be it. If a thread is valuable, stick it.

We could a thread for "Where do I post ___"
One for "Where can I find ___" (For anything That isn't covered in the un-dismissable notice)
One for "Why did the mod do ___ to my ___"
One for "Simple questions about the rules", because let's face it, not all of us will RTFM.

Complicated questions/suggestions that breed discussion can be split from those threads appropriately if needed, at staff discretion. Merges to one of the bigger threads can be made as needed too until the members learn how the system works, and locked thereafter.
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