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(ooc: long post ahoy!)

Chapter 2 - Marisa (x) Kerin - Vampire District Joint Post

I tilted my head at how awkward his thoughts were sending out. I knew why, but i always found it amusing.

'Uuu, no worries, br--- Kerin-sama! I can only hear the thoughts you allow me to hear! Haiiiii!!!' In reality, i gave him a short, happy wave. 'Nows! You had a question mark face.' I did my own, cute impression by doing a double-take. I laughed almost immediately. An adorable giggle which sounded like someone was getting tickled with a puppy.

Kerin gave her a warm smile back. Well, at least she wasn't worried about this Natruo guy that much. Which meant Kerin shouldn't be either. Anything she was scared of was something normal. Anything she was completely terrified of was something worrying. And anything that didn't waver that cute smile of hers was something that shouldn't be worried too much about.

'Oh good,' Kerin... thought back at her. Well at least his private thoughts could be kept that; private. He wouldn't want her seeing some mopey Kerin when the conversation would change to something that would spark a memory or something. 'So, uh, um, what exactly is going on? And who exactly is this Natruo guy and why is he here? And where are we going?' It probably would have helped if he watched at least one of these things. Ugh, stupid Kerin.

'Going on? There are lots and lots going on~!' I gave him a huge smile, before hugging my skinny arms around him. "Umms~ Natruo is a God! The one in charge of the games, Kerin-sama. So... Don't anger him, pwease.' I looked off in said God's direction. 'Its best not to show fear, sir. He takes advantage of that. But, he's the most scariest thing besides the president, sir. Very, very scary.'

I paused. I really hoped he knew who the president was. 'Um. I think he was ordered to spy on us. And we're going to the God's District. Mostly for training. Mew.'

A god, huh? Kerin nodded along as Marisa thought to him all he needed to know. Okay, so don't piss the god off and don't be scared of him. He could do that, probably. Maybe. Probably! Definitely! Yes, for Marisa, he would. But the scariest thing besides the president? Kerin glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. This guy was tough, though really... he didn't look like it. If he wanted to freak Kerin out, he would need to be a massive, fire breathing dragon with loads of poisonous barbs and maybe some wings. To be compared and placed next to the president, he seemed like nothing. If he was almost as scary as him, why wasn't this Natruo guy destroying regions and creating natural disasters or something else god-like?

'Training?' Kerin looked over at Marisa. 'What... do we need training for?'

I noticed the look he gave Natruo, and immediately spoke up. 'Just wait until someone gets on his bad side on ground, sir. You'll see. He's not allowed to go blowing stuff up, because... When we're not entertaining the Gods by dying, um... We're their slaves. We make stuff for them. From limber to jewelry... Can't have injured slaves, right? That's why hospitals are so minimal. They don't need a slave with their arm missing. Natruo brings them to the Gods District, and kills them...' I shuddered at the thought and without meaning to, added to my fears. '...When you die, they take the wings and make them into clothing. Your hair makes wigs. Your eyeballs are played around with, so some God has sight. Your limbs might even be used by an amputee.'

I nuzzled into Kerin as gruesome images surged through my brain. Thankfully, i was conscious enough not to pop them into his mind. 'Training so even weak people like me, can put up a good show. They like it... Bloody.'

Kerin narrowed his eyes and looked back at Marisa as she hugged him harder. Disgusting. Gods were disgusting. And better yet, they were going to the district to train. What could he learn while he was there? Kerin was already okay with fighting and nothing could really make him stronger than he already was; he could break a bone with little effort if he had to. Magic? Kerin had never shown any sign of that, despite a vampire's natural talent and him being one (though he would happily give up an arm to change that). Though what would Marisa learn? How to dodge? How to defend? She didn't seem to have the muscle for offence unless she was hiding something.

'It's okay, I'll make sure they won't hurt you,' Kerin smiled at her, making sure his thoughts were well heard. He meant it. He just hoped Natruo didn't plan on taking Marisa out first. Kerin would risk his life, yes, but he doubt he could keep his promise if there was a full frontal attack on her. He would need Fang's help if that happened. Who had been silent the whole helicopter ride. Kerin's eyes hovered over Fang for a second before back to Marisa, smiling again.

When i looked back up at Kerin, he was smiling down at me... So i smiled back. His smile showed, that he thought everything was going to be okay. That somehow, he could save us both from death. I saw his gaze trail to Fang momentarily. I had taken a look his way beforehand, and he had been sitting there like a statue. Arms and heels crossed, with a look of pure concentration creasing his face as he stared down at his shoes.

'Uu. Fang's good. He's just in deep thought, is all!' I reassured Kerin, nodding. Everything had grown silent in the helicopter, except for the occassional disagreement or weak conversation. I looked in Bern's direction, to see red eyes looking past me, to Raike. A shiver immediately ran down my spine. Her eye color had changed from emerald, to ruby. Well, more like the color of blood. It was the same shade as Fang's eyes, too. As i watched her talk, a look of alarm and horror spread throughout my face. I watched the snake tattoo do it's wiggling dance on her arm. That wasn't what bothered me.

'Kerin-sama. Don't look at Bern or show alarm, please.' I thought, quickly curling my body inward to remove my expression. 'Her eyes were red when i saw them... And...Hauu...' I placed my chin, right onto the vampire's shoulder.

'I saw fangs. And... She's a demon, isn't she? Hau au au... Did you see the snake on her arm?'

Kerin slowly glanced over at Bernkastel and did indeed see the snake but it didn't strike him as that odd. A moving snake on the wrist might be bad omen or something, but this was coming from a demon who had just summoned a rather larger and more sinister demon barely an hour ago. And her eyes being red? Though he didn't know what the usual demon's eye colour was, he saw plenty of red eyed vampires. So what if they could change colour? Kerin's own brother Axel claimed his own hazel ones changed in the light or with his mood or some other kind of garbage. Maybe it was a less drastic change (from brown to a greeny-brown rather than that dimmer colour Bernkastel's were to red), but it didn't bother Kerin that much. His eyes drifted back to Marisa. Should he be worried?

'As far as I know,' Kerin shrugged. 'She summoned that demon before, is the snake another summon maybe?'

I squinted my eyes curiously. He was serious about never watching the Population Games before... I guess i would have to change that. He didn't seem to understand what tattoos meant to a demon.

'Uu. Kerin-sama... Yup, a summoning, but she isn't doing it willingly. Um... How to explain...' I closed my eyes and laid against Kerin in a tiny ball. 'Wells! When we're in the God's District, i'm gonna show you the previous games! We need to get her as an ally real bad, br-Kerin-sama.' I paused to think, and played with Kerin's fingers with my tiny pair.

'Let's invite her out to the roof tonight! Au! Au!'

Kerin gave her a sheepish smile and nodded. That would be a good thing, since he knew next to nothing about the whole deal compared to everyone else. And... not willingly?

'How do you know she isn't? What, the snake has its own brain? So what is it?' He nodded back at her request to team up with her. Fang had the right idea with that and Kerin himself had thought the very same thought several times. 'Wait, tonight? What are we doing other than training?'

'Uu. The snake is like that demon she summoned earlier. A real demon from the...Underworld, Kerin-sama. She's covering it's eyes. It was trying to go onto that boy's arm.' I was talking about Xavier. The boy who had wacked his head against the walls. The one who was just as emotionless as Bernkastel.

'For a few days we train, and then we do an interview! Today we're not training. Today we're meeting our stylists and getting a tour of where we're staying. Like...A leisure! Tonight we can have a little party on the rooftop!' Bern will be able to do anything!'

'Onto his arm? Okay... Uh, why?' Kerin's eyes drifted back to the snake on the arm. He almost laughed at himself. Marisa, despite how young she looked, knew a heck of a lot more than Kerin did about anything. That was probably because he had done nothing with his life as a human and less than that as a vampire. Or maybe he was just stupid. Probably that.

Kerin's eyes drifted back to Bernkastel's face when Marisa mentioned her name. He felt a small knot form in his stomach. She was definitely planning something, was she going to do her thing tonight? Kerin kept the thought to himself; he didn't want Marisa worrying over anything.

I let out a soft giggle. Alright, i knew alot, but not everything. 'I can't read snake brains if that's what you're thinking, Kerin-sama. I only know a tiny bit about Bern, but... She's very mysterious.... Uu! I think we're close to landing!' I beamed. Finally, we could see the sky and breathe fresh air... I looked forward to that the most.
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