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    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    You better make this LP great when I release the English version of LP, OK?

    Until then, you better wait for it. It shouldn't take too long, though.
    You do know that I'm the co-creator of LP, right?
    I already found a complete English version which will be on the episode I'm going to post in about an hour. Maybe someone else translated it? Not sure. Either way it's def the latest version on Wesley's site in full English. It looks great thusfar, thanks for making a good hack. If you want to know where I found the ROM so you can check legitness and whatnot here's the link:

    *Link Removed* Please don't post links to ROMs.
    REAL Ep.1: Let's Try This Again!

    Sorry about the last video guys, that was a very old version. This is the new version translated into English. What can I say? It kicks BUTT.

    Pokemon Quartz LP:

    Voice Acted Apollo Justice LP: