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    Today's part is brought to you by the Magikarp Salesman™. Ripping you off since 1996. Anyways the lack of updates is due to me needing to do some major level grinding for my video let's play seeing how I was under leveled for the elite four, but now that I have finished that I can start putting up parts again. One more thing I would love some feed back.

    Part 5

    What a great way to start my day.

    Well at least there is free stuff so I'm happy.

    I'm 15

    He actually learned this by Lv up I didn't use the TM.

    The Troop made sushi... The other trainer wasn't to happy about it.

    I probably should have mentioned this earlier but you can find all of the starters in the wild so if people want me to use them I can. The other two are found around Cerulean City.

    I keep seeing this word sentience in the pokedex so give me a second and I will get the definition. Ok I got it "Sentience is the ability to feel, or perceive, or be conscious, or have subjective experiences." So it hides the fact that it is alive... Great!

    Yeah I gave him a cardboard box to practice his stealth but it didn't go to well.

    I have the strangest urge to lick it... I don't know why.

    Oh so it is a wanna be sun.

    I don't know where I was going with this.

    What great friends you must have.(I really need a sarcasm emot)

    They expect me to fight a ghost? How can you kill something that is already dead?!

    Double Lv up!

    *Insert transformers joke here*

    Why is there a ladder in a mountain?


    The Pokedex is not alowed to have an opinion.

    I need a Solid Snake one.

    Oh yay! He's a Pyro.

    He can't handle the Beat.

    Go back to the Ipod

    He didn't have anything of interest just the normal bug catcher party.

    *Zelda Item Get Noise*

    He does have a thing for rocks.

    That's what she said

    This mouse is awesome.

    I know how to deal with the mafia.

    Look it's Batman's familiar.


    Well you aint OG.

    Do his arms rotate 360 degrees?


    We take no prisoners!

    You die next.



    Well then hold the presses!

    Step 1:Revive fossils
    Step 2:?????
    Step 3: Profit

    Oh UMad Bro?

    Stop! Hammer Time!

    "No you can't have they're mine!"

    The F$#@ is that?

    One Hit Crit FTW!

    Karate Noises!

    You want me to fight a giant bullet? OK.

    Oh so now you want to reform

    Anyways who do we pick?