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    Chapter 2 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    My gaze shifted to Xavier in alarm. My eyes?! Opening my mouth slightly to protest, but only coming short with a swallow. My eyes were red. Right. Red, not green. Ruby, not emerald. Pretty creepy for a demon. I exhaled deeply, and my expression calmed to a blank.

    "Red? I believe you've gone around the bend... They've always been green..." I pinched the snake tattoo by the head, with the edge of my mouth flinching in pain. It did the trick. My eyes were green again. I looked up, as if to inspect the lighting. ".... How about now? It's just the lighting, i'll bet..." I glanced around. Who else had seen? I doubted i could convince more than one person that it was crappy lighting. Red was a much different color from green. 'Thanks, Lucifier. Just what i needed.'

    Lucifier was going crazy on my arm. It looked rather pissed with me. I honestly didn't care. I didn't need it changing my eye-color. Under my breath, i quickly breathed out;

    "Speaking there of a Viper's fang, not needed is the poison. Take hidden. Take refuge, beneath thy soul." Lucifier really did not like this. Hissing loud enough for maybe Xavier to hear, he squirmed up my arm, to my collarbone, and disappeared head-first into my left side. I acted indifferent.

    "... I do hope we land soon... I'm beginning to get a headache,"
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