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    I am really interested in making a challenge so I came up with an idea that I don't have a name for yet.

    What you have to do is, for each gym, you have to only have one pokemon and that pokemon is weak to the gym leaders pokemon.

    For instance, on Brock because he's rock, you have to use ONE of the following:
    A fire-type pokemon (Maybe your starter)
    An ice-type pokemon (sneasel)
    A flying type pokemon (pidgey)
    A bug type pokemon (caterpie)

    (those arent the ones you have to use, just examples)
    On the first gym you are allowed to level your pokemon to level 15 then you have to go straight to the first gym.

    I am currently thinking of other level caps but I would like to make this challenging but not impossible.

    On the elite four you have to use JUST the one pokemon that is weak to the trainer and if you die on that trainer you have to reset until you defeat them.

    On the champion you can use all of your pokemon.

    Do you guys understand what I am trying to explain about how my challenge would work? Feedback would be appreciated
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