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    Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
    Still working on the game. I'm almost done with the Mewtwo Strikes Back event - just inserted new trainer sprite for Mewtwo - credit to mvidmaster on deviantart:

    Man that rely look's awesome, I can't wait for bate 3 to come out.

    Originally Posted by Fezao4 View Post
    Thats cool,Metapod23!Good luck in the Power of One Event!Im sure you can do it Good luck!But why mewtwo have three pokemons?

    (I will post the banners,Who pokemon are you? and the trainer card in my other PC)
    That look's rely awesome, just like the move. man I can't wait for the new bate 3 to come out.

    Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
    UPDATE: Improved the main events in Viridian City to more closely reflect Episode 2 of the anime - Misty now appears in the Pokémon Centy when you enter complaining about her bike and TEAM ROCKET appears inside when you try to leave and attacks you.

    I might move it up, since there's more room above than there is below.

    Yep, I am as of right now.

    Thanks! :)

    I was considering adding Officer Jenny's motorcycle. If you feel like it you could try your hand at that.

    Thank you! :)
    So what are you working on right now for the hack because it look's awesome.
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