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    I'm back! I see that lots and lots has happened in my absence, and once again I find myself hard-pressed to even begin to answer all of these posts. I shall work through them as best I can, and, since I neglected to multi-quote, shall do so in the old-fashioned manner.

    To axman11224: I have fixed Linoone. The resultant glitch is fixable, ought to apply solely to previously-owned Linoone like yours, and should cause no lasting damage. I hope.

    To Varelse: I'll look into this. The battle ought to have started. Also, you don't need an item to break the crate. It's a move.

    To Drudon: Damn it, my fix seems to have done more harm than good. I'm going to have to rethink this.

    To pokemonpokemonpokemon59: I do. You seem to be judging the game based on its earliest stage, which doesn't pretend to be anything other than the work of a ham-fisted amateur (which is in fact what it is). There are sprites that are better later on; Trainer sprites in particular tend to be far more sophisticated than recolours. Zombiemon are mostly just recolours, however, and this, naturally, is a combination of laziness, ineptitude and the fact that they're still basically the same Pokémon. To be honest, I don't care what anything in the game looks like as long as it gets the message across; the only important aspect of the game for me is the pointless, rambling story. Graphics are nothing but a distraction, because so often they serve only to make people forget the fact that they're wasting their time playing something utterly banal and uninteresting. I will say no more about this.

    To jvpski3: Thanks for enjoying.

    --End Communication--

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