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Originally Posted by knizz View Post
The scripting-system is too mixed with the rest of the code to replace it. You can add new commands though. Especially 'special' has lots of free slots. Just add your function to that table. I'll post offsets here later.

(Besides you don't really need return values, etc. (and there is LASTRESULT )If you want proper flow control and variables you can just use ASM. Scripts are just intended for simple things. Extending the scriping system isn't just hard but also not the point.)

Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
Nice idea, but hard to implement. Adding command and specials is somewhat easy, but XSE and other editors still won't support these new commands withour #raws.
But couldn't we just create a new loader and call that from a normal script? We could then completely rewrite it, and it probably wouldn't be that hard to create something that reads a custom function table. We could always write another script editor...
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