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Originally Posted by Pachy View Post

Big Whoop. So what if it looks messy up top.
The argument is that there's a point that there are so many sticky threads that people just glaze over it, not the just the fact that it looks unprofessional. And honestly? Think of it like this: it's not that we're sticking Quick Questions under the "Where do I post this...? / Where is this...?" thread. It'd be more like making a whole new Quick Questions thread, where questions like those (obviously, asking where something belongs is a quick question that requires only one or two answers) would fall under. Don't make it out like it's going to be one bigass confusing thread because if it is implemented it won't be.

Nothing's going to be perfect and we can't expect people to search through the -forum- itself to see if questions have been asked before. Why do you think people would bother searching through a thread? I dunno, I think a QQ thread would be a good idea, but we're going too far here trying to talk about preventing people from asking repeat questions in the first place because there will always be those people that just stumble in and ask regardless.

I dunno, I just think it'd be in everyone's best interest to expand the "Where do I post this...? / Where is this...?" thread - and if it doesn't work as planned, oh well. I just don't see why there's any reason not to, tbh.
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