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    Just realized that you have to get the call first.

    EDIT: @Cutlerine I had moved past the invisible thing before the patch, and am still able to now.

    EDIT2: Now I see them in Lilycove... I'll try it again and see if it works. Nope, and this time (and one of the other several times, but not all) I got this message
    "Unsupported BIOS function e2 called from 00104041. A BIOS file is needed in order to get correct behaviour."

    EDIT3: Just checked Lilycove Museum Basement... (funny dialogue by the way). Not sure if you're supposed to wait until after the Elite Four or something (that's what I'm up to right now), but I get the message about not being able to destroy the box in the basement. Again, not sure if that's intentional or not.

    EDIT4: Found another bug. The character sprite is showing up in the spot to the left of the door to the weather institute and I can't enter. That wasn't the case before this patch. -- Passed it again, and this time the character sprite was to the right of the door. Not quite sure what the issue is there, but I still can't enter the door anymore.

    EDIT5: Now I can't enter the Pokemon League or Victory Road... from either end. Not sure what's going on. Starting to think its an issue on my end. :/
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