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    Part 6 is a little long with a little more than a hundred screens so enjoy.

    Part 6

    Well the people wanted it. Thank you.

    *Zelda Item ge... You know what I think you get it already.

    I never thought I would be so glad to feel vitamin C and UV rays

    We talking Kamehameha or Hadouken?

    What is this Poker?

    Um... Ok.

    I get it the only one apprentice thing.

    This is totally going to Conga.

    What do you mean that Bay Watch is the who can use it?!? HE doesn't even have any arms!

    I have the strangest feeling of deja vu.

    Just smile and nod and maybe he wont hurt us.

    Sure why not?

    Hopefully one with feet.

    After an hour of pure rage and destruction(I think I may have punched out something very large.) I finally make it to the next town.

    After healing up I decide to go do some bartering.

    Holy Monkey Tree Batman $4900!

    I decided to go back to route 4 to catch some new... Mariomon I guess.

    That is one large ladybug.

    What?! I...I... I give up trying to make sense of this.

    I don't know what I was thinking.

    I do believe that this guy is in MT. Moon he is just really rare so we didn't see him there.

    What Sky Guy's have kingdoms? Since when?

    He has a mask.

    This is where you can find one of the other starters.

    Can you say bottom of the food chain.

    You have to admit it is pretty good.

    And how many have you sold?

    Great this guy

    What makes you think I'm struggling?

    I can see why you think they're smart you haven't even learned how to tie your shoes.

    Ok then let me get my pokedex out and oh you want to battle

    Is it blind?

    Way to go my little bone birdy.

    I still can't help but laugh at that name.

    Take that you Sleep Spammer!

    Really I've never heard of him.

    I heard him shout "The World" and he was gone

    Oh god dammit he came back.

    I do not plod I was held up by the mafia.

    What the hell is this! Seriously what is this!

    That's it you have made yourself an enemy for the rest of your life!

    Like I care.

    Ya sure anymore comments about me you would like to make?

    I have the strangest urge to yell the name of this bridge.

    I like prizes

    Let us fight!

    The Troop was a little behind in the Lv department.

    Oh so this is serious business?

    Start a conga line everyone.


    Yeah yeah what ever

    You do know that I can just run straight back the pokemon center?

    It is time for more Sushi

    I'm missing some screens of her other pokemon but nothing major. Although...

    Wait what

    For some reason Photobucket missed a bunch of Screens.

    Why are you yelling?

    Now just imagine me holding it over my head glowing with music playing in the background.

    What that fake mafia want to be, hell no!

    So you use these things to commit crime... Wow.

    Yeah no

    I do believe so

    Buddy I'm about to have Bay Watch go all over your face.

    Really now... Fine whatever. I just want you to COME AT ME BRO

    Skeleton bird beats Wannabe sun any day.

    Also Bird > Bat

    I will shiv you!

    That's not creepy at all.

    Conga's a Beast


    Here you can find the Epic mouse.

    Yep total

    What I like that name for it.

    You can also find the last starter here.

    Who do you want to see on the team in the next part?