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CBC Battle Video Archive


It came to my attention that PC doesn't nearly have enough battle logs for both new and experienced users to look at and learn from, mainly because a lot of work goes into making a battle log, and not every member [myself included] is willing to put in a huge amount of work to make a great log. Battle logs are also fairly long and even when formatted nicely, can bore readers if they don't understand what exactly is going on. That being said, I figure that CBC ought to have some battle videos that users can look at, and unlike battle logs, which constitute threads of their own, I created this archive to serve as a powerful resource for new users and a hub of Battle Video sharing.

How to Submit a Video

Just post in this thread with your video and I'll eventually stop by the thread, watch the submitted videos, if they meet the following criteria, then I'll add them to the original post.

All Submitted Videos should:

-Be of at least decent quality, so that viewers can make out what's going on.

-Display a good amount of competitive knowledge on both sides [in essence, not a battle with two inexperienced battlers, or a powerful battler taking on someone who's new to the game].

Other Notes:

-While not required, it's appreciated if your videos have music, so that viewers can listen to something while watching the battle.

-Videos can be of battles on Wifi, Pokemon Online, Shoddy, Netbattle or any other Pokemon Simultor.

Video List


Karpman vs. Vrai

Khreep vs. HotShot

Karpman vs. Conjurer

Khreep vs. Sonodasan

Eleken vs. Silverback

How do I record a battle?

Just download any screen capturing software or use a video camera if you're recording a Wifi battle. To capture my battles, I use Hypercam, which is freeware and really easy to use. If you know of any better screen capturing software to use, then feel free to share.

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