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    Originally Posted by metapod23 View Post
    You will be able to beat him, but I plan on making it difficult by having you battle Team Rocket first and not letting you heal (I want to make a script that forces you to store all potions and stuff in your PC before you enter the Pokemon League as well).

    If you beat Richie, you'll go on to face a few more challengers, and then the Elite Four, and maybe a champion. Ash was top 16, which means had he won he'd be top 8, which means there should only be three more challengers after Richie and before the Elite 4.
    Good. By Elite Four, do you mean Prima (Anime name; Original name: Lorelei),
    Bruno, Agatha and Lance?
    And also, when we face Team Rocket, is it going to be a double battle?
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