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Originally Posted by 死神さま View Post
We have this challenge here.
It's the Disadvantage Challenge or something like that
Plus you wouldn't be able to use Ice to face Brock because all his pokemon are part Ground,which is weak to ice
I think what he meant was that Brock is the Rock type gym leader so you'd have to use Pokemon specifically weak to that gym. Also with that being said, people like Volkner in Diamond and Pearl only had what, two electric types, so by that logic, you wouldn't be able to use a grass or fighting type, since they're good against his Octillery and Ambipom.

Anyway, i was wonderinf if I could get some help with my Ability list. You see, it's a challenge I'm preparing for this place, and you have to choose abilities and use Pokemon based off those abilities. So if you chose Analytic, you would have to use a Pokemon which could learn Mind Reader, or if you chose Colour Change, you'd have to use a Pokemon which has a different form, such as Castform, or Cherrim. :) I can't be bothered going through all 164 abilities (I counted), so if anyone you like to help me, I'd be grateful. ^_^