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    If Xavier's hair was out of the way, Bernkastel would've been able to see the surprise in his eyes. They were lightly widened, and they blinked rapidly in utter confusion. Since when was Bernkastel of all the people in the world, surprised? It didn't quite figure up to her, reputation, persay. Bern was blank, just like him. Again, it didn't make even a fraction of a sense. "......"

    "Red? I believe you've gone around the bend... They've always been green..."

    "........?" Xavier continued to blink even quicker, when she questioned his sanity. That was just plain rude. Xavier is a person who experiments, and his best observation tool, is in fact, his eyes. His eyes didn't deceive him, and he knows it. He just does. "....I doubt it Bern....You're eyes pigmentation, was in fact, red. I'm not dumb...." Xavier turned his gaze to the ceiling, but his ears tuned in to Bernkastel's whispering, and the small hissing sound emanating from her. Inwardly, he sighed. Xavier was going to have to ask her about it later, it seemed. ".....Me too....."
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