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    Chapter 2 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    "You're hardly dumb, Xavier..." I mumbled under my breath. I didn't mean to insult him. I just didn't want anyone else to know that my eyes changed color. They never did in the previous games, thus i didn't find it to be necessary to show that they are this year. I had to keep all my new skills under wraps so that my movements weren't as easily guessed. I leaned off in Xavier's direction, and whispered into his ear.

    "It runs in the family, no doubt." I would let him decide who i was talking about there. His knowledge, or my eye color transformation? When, he would soon realize i meant both. I tilted my head, and by my angle, i could just make out his right eye. I brushed my hand casually over the side of my head; like the lights were blinding my eyes. My left eye, now shaded by light... Well, one could see the flecks of white that sprinkled my green backing. They seemed to glow, really. "... Runs in the family," I repeated, before turning my attention to the sudden jolt beneath me.

    Next thing i knew, Natruo was announcing the time with his autotuned voice, as the helicopter's hatch lowered down.

    - End of Chapter Two -

    Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District
    I clasped my hands together. I had this whole setup memorized. Well, besides Natruo's appearance, everything went just as planned. Everything was going to work out this year. I turned my attention from the opening door, to Natruo. He was grinning at me. I just gave him a slight wave, before standing to my feet. He probably left a present in my room like last year. He really needed to stop pestering me outside the arena. These next few days, were for training and luxury, not harrassment. I gave everyone a quick look, before walking a few steps to the opening mouth of the helicopter. And, I could see what laid before me.

    A gust of wind had entered the machine that had protected us from such weather, which sent everyone's hair in a mad dance. Especially mine. Planting a hand on my hat, I kept my eyes squinted open and took a few steps forward. It was chaos outside. Rain pelted the helicopter like no tomorrow, which was a pain to the ears. Patter patter... Endless pattering. I took a deep breath, and moved forward. I hated stormed. Loathed them, really. I just wanted to huddle up in my prison/room with a cup of hot chocolate pressed between my palms. I humored myself with the thought of dumping the burning liquid on someone's face. A certain someone. My eyes flickered to my shoulder, but I continued to move down the slop of the exit. The rain was coming down so hard, visibility was a miracle, let alone the ability to make hearable conversation. Just at the edge of the slop, was a line of guards holding two umbrellas each. One open for themselves, and another for one of us. I snatched the first umbrella in my path, opened it, and stepped myself out into the rain. The wind was blowing my umbrella around so much, I was getting drenched anyhow. I squinted off into each direction. My left, and my right... All I could see was some structures towering up into the sickening, swirling black clouds.

    Only I, out of all the participants, knew what they were. There were four of these buildings surrounding the training center, which would act as out temporary homes. Nobody outside our group and the government, knew what happened here. No cameras, no listening devices... Just as every other year. To my guess, I believed we were between the Human District Tower, and the Demon District Tower. In front of me, was the training center; a two-story building which would house plenty of stations in the morning. I made a mental note to stay clear of weapons when Shiro, Jin, or Ryuu were around. Speaking of which, Jin was probably all cozy in her new room as we stood here in the rain.

    Sighing, I released my grip from my umbrella, and the wind immediately stolw it away. The black umbrella tossled around in flight for a moment, before lamely crashing to the ground and being dragged through the overflowing green grass. My skin stung from the cold drops plastering my body. Without a moment of hesitation, I approached the building, swung the door open, and marched inside.

    Inside, it was kind of like an abandoned ghost house. No windows. No anything. Everything was wiped clean from this place. Cement flooring, swept clean of any traces of this place ever having been used. The walls were blank, too. Completely white. I led myself off away from the door, and focused on my drenched clothing which stuck to my skin. It was a gross, weird feeling. Slime-like. I raised my hands out, and immediately, every drop of water exitted my clothes, and i stood in a puddle; dry. "....." I watched as the newly soaked participants entered from my left. Marisa seemed to like being soaked. She was awestruck by this completely boring building, as she ditched her inside-out umbrella, and held Kerin's hand. She pointed around, beaming at the four elevator doors in this place. One on each wall. There were other doors like the one we just entered through, but...

    A huff of air escaped my lungs. The air smelt of something new to my nose. It didn't normally rain in the Demon District because of how far south we are. Angels would be used to this cold. This rain. This smell. It rained practically every other day there. Humans and Vampires got it lucky. It was neither too hot, or too cold. They are adaptable, while angels and demons are not. I unhinched my wings from my back. Rain. I do not know how angels put up with it. Wet feathers, meant no flying. Flying was the world.

    I shifted myself over to the two vampires, and instantly, Marisa noticed. She gave me a funny look, as she eyed me over. She was probably wondering how i managed to stay dry, while everyone was soaked to the core. I gave her a blank look, as i walked over. "...." I touched the tummy of her dress, and pulled my finger away. A stream of water was being pulled out of her. Once she was dry, i did the same to Kerin silently. With now two balls of water in my hand, i nodded towards Shiro. She was leaning drowsily against a guard. I pressed my hands together, and gave Marisa a slight nudge, as if to say, "Watch this". I stretched the water out in my hands like an elastic, aimed, and fired. The waterball slung over Shiro's head, before falling down and drenching her. Her head whipped around in confusion, since she was inside. She seemed a little relaxed and non-psychotic from the girl on the television. She almost seemed stupid. She blinked, before doing a double-take and looking up. Just slightly, my lips curved into a smile. Marisa was giggling. Natruo glared at me. I shrugged. I had to have fun at some point in my life...

    "Uuu. Bern-sama? Wanna come over at...Um... Ten tonight? We're gonna have a party!" Marisa opened out her arms as she said this to me. A party? Before we die? That was a first. I kept my blank look, as I nodded slowly. Alright... Not like I was busy... Marisa beamed and glomped me, almost to the ground. "Yay!"

    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    The second that hatch opened, I was bombarded by cold gust of wind that left my skin tingling and my hair a mess. "Uu...Brr..." I curled up closer to Kerin as my body began to shiver. Cold, cold, cold! I watched as Bernkastel, along with a few others, left the helicopter into that... Coldness! Hugging my hands underneath my armpits, i hopped myself off of Kerin. I hate being cold. I shifted from one foot to the other to been my body warm. "C-come on. Let's go, Kerin-sama." Before he could react, i zipped through the crowd of people leaving the 'copter, took an umbrella from the least scary guard, and BOOM. The moment I open it, it's in reverse. "Eek..!" I cry out as the umbrella drags me around like a rag doll. Actually, it was fun! I laughed out happily as i leaned back and let the umbrella carry me around. It was like waterskiing! Suddenly, someone grabbed me from around the waist, and pulled me back to the ground just as quickly as I was rising. Fang. I pouted cutely, but I thanked him anyways. Boo. I wanted to fly around! I found Kerin just as he was getting an umbrella, and I clinged my wet self to him. "Mew!" I didn't really pay attention to outside, but i knew we were surrounded with huge buildings and stuff. Like I could see anything more than that.

    I beamed brightly, when we came indoors. A huge, empty building with only the room we were in. A gigantic room, with a tall ceiling. "Wow!!!" I cried out, dragging Kerin away from the people streaming through. "Lookie! Lookie!" I pointed to the elevators. I had never been in an elevator before! Were we gonna go in them? If so, I wanted to ride it a million times! Giggling even more, I threw my broken umbrella off into a corner. Didn't need that anymore!

    My attention turned to a figure moving towards us. Bernkastel. "....?" I looked on curiously at her clothing. She was dry. How'd she stay dry? Why DID she stay dry? Water was AMAZING!

    Storms and lightning and thunder were amazing, too! She came over, and did the exact opposite of what I wanted. She did this weird, but uber cool trick where she touched my tummy, and this string of water just like, was pulled out from me! I felt like a plum, being dried of my juices. I pouted a little more, but, alas, what Bern was doing was just TOO COOL to ignore! I looked on in awe, as she repeated the process on Kerin. Why was she doing this, anyways? She was being silent,and she just approached us out of the blue! Maybe she liked us already!

    Then, Bern did something weird. She nodded towards Shiro to get our attention on her. Shiro was that meanie girl who picked on me in the government building, but... Kerin rescued me! She was a big bully, but ever since we saw her strapped to a wheelchair, she's been completely out of it. She acts drunk and silly and completely bonkers. Not psychotic and mean and bloodthirsty... That happened a while ago, so whatever they did to her, was long-spanning. Which, if you haven't noticed, didn't have me complaining.

    Bernkastel nudged my shoulder, and I looked up at her in confusion. What was she planning on doing...? She did this odd thing where she stretched the water like rubber, before releasing it into the air. I gaped, as the ball stopped directly over Shiro, before turning back into a liquid. Shiro's face was PRICELESS as she did a double-take, and wondered about how she was dumped with more cold water from inside. I was a giggling mess! When I finally calmed after a few moments, I looked up to see a small, itty bitty smile cross the demon's lips. I beamed. Yup! I was totally sure now!

    "Uuu. Bern-sama? Wanna come over at... Um.... Ten tonight? We're gonna have a party!" Bern gave me her usual blank expression in response, before nodding her head ever so slightly. I exploded in happiness, and glomped the older girl. "Yay!" I cried out.

    Chapter 2 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    "!!!" I jumped as an unexpected blast of air surged through. I had been in my own little world for the last few minutes, I hadn't realized we had landed. No, I was busy thinking about my family. Being the only daughter of my mother, I was supposed to take over as the new government leader when she retired. But now... Would I ever see her again? I hardly believed she wanted to see me after all of this. As I thought about it, I really did love my mother. She didn't deserve that slap... She was trying to cheer me up. To let me forget about the fact I would probably die, and laugh at the whole lipstick thing. She hadn't meant to hurt me. Would she forgive me before I died? The least I could do, was show her how much I appreciated everything she did for me, during the interview. Maybe then...

    I stood up as people began to clear out. I didn't want to be stuck with Natruo at my back. Creep. I shuffled my way around, but i didn't push or shove. I kept my distance, but I made sure to stay somewhat near to Shizuka. My only ally now, and probably until I died. I didn't have any fantastic skill which would be useful... I was useless in terms of most magic. Physical fights would be an impossibility...What else was there? My looks? I doubt I could send Ryuu on love-lane if he was drunk on murder lane. There was just my Sense Feeling ability, and how much good would that do? Yeah, looking through a tree will definitely keep a two-hundred twenty pound man with a sword at bay. Yeah... Not.

    I didn't really mind the cold or the rain, once I got used to it. It was an instinct, I suppose. I guess I could only hope for a cold, snowy arena this year. That would be my best bet. Demons disliked the cold. Humans could die from the cold... Vampires would be the only threat. If I stayed high where they couldn't reach by ground, I may have a snow-balls chance in Haiti at winning.

    I politely refused the umbrella offered to me, and stepped out into the storm. The rain had me weighed down within seconds. I liked this feeling. The cold water freezing my veins... It soothed me. It made me forget things, and just... Go with the flow. I stood there, eyes closed, as I took in this feeling and embraced it. I was originally going to have a cold shower, but a cold, refreshing rainfall was so much more than that. I extended my wings out, so my feathers could be purified. My skin, feathers, and soul... Purified of everything nasty I had witnessed or recieved. Deminished to nothing more but the murky puddle at my feet. I inhaled through my nose, and out my mouth. This smell of freshness. Of just... The rain. The sight of drops sliding away on leaves... The sound of the water pattering Earth at an endless rhythm. The feel of just being... Weightless, even though the rain pounded me to the ground. The taste of everything around me, in the smallest form of air reaching my tongue... Just... Amazing.

    But, I eventually had to break away from this trance. The guards were becoming impatient with me just standing there. I wasn't mad, though. I was pure.Unwavered. Naturally blessed. I simply smiled, and slid myself inside to join the others, who were too caught up, to realize just how much the rain cured. I felt optimistic. Everything was possible with little effort. You just had to find the best place to store that effort. Not in living on Earth, but by living on as a soul. That was how my effort was going to be used. To keep my soul living, not my body.

    With a soft smile, I approached Shizuka. "I'll tell you everything, and you don't need to threaten me." Before he could react, I leaned in and kissed his cheek with a small peck. I only smiled, as I spun on my heels and headed towards the elevator marked "AD".

    Chapter 3 - Fausto - Human District

    How depressive, getting the news you were used as a meat puppet by the person smacking down everything to kill you in an arena... I came to after all the shaking Nokoto put me through, however... I didn't really want to wake up. What was the point in living if you just die in the end... From birth, we all share a few common things. Negativity, wounds, heartbreak, and death... So why live if that's what you're going to get? Counsellors can sugar-coat a piece of garbage all they want, but i'll never hide the foul flavor. So, instead of taking a bite out of life, I'd rather just leave it alone.

    Nokoto gave me a worried look as I thought about all of this. She asks if i'm okay. Of course i'm not, you stupid girl. Nobody is 'okay'. I smile warmly at her, and take her soft, beautiful hand into mine. I speak in a whisper, my answer. "I'm more than okay, being with you," I can't believe she believed that cheesy crap. No love is immortal. Everything dies, sweetheart. She blushes a harsh, yet cute pink. Good God. She reaks of sweat. I can't believe we haven't all died from air poisoning. I take a strand of her hair, and give it a sniff. I smile, as if she smells of the best perfume. Hardly. Wash your hair more than once a year, girly.

    As people begin to slide out of the helicopter deathtrap, I can't help but notice the gloomy weather outside. Finally, something as depressed as me.

    I don't pay much attention to everything else. I ignore the offering of an umbrella, and I trudge through the sad downpour. It weighs me down. Just like this life. When I get inside, I immediately head to the Human District elevator. I just want to be away from these people. I hate them all. I hate myself. I hate everything. When Nokoto asks what I'm planning on doing, I tell her, I plan on cooking up a storm. She laughs as if that was funny. Hardly. Cooking up a storm... It's going to be a tsunami that will drag everyone down to drown.
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