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I personally use both but this is what i think about them
PRO : its got the wifi feature that lets you connect to wfc using a virtual wi-fi
no need of extra program to make the screen bigger unlike no$gba that needs no$zoomer or programs in the same neighboorhood
can also use GBA slot for Pokemon 4th gen in order to migrate emerald pokemon to Pal Park
Cons: uses high RAM so might not be good for people with bad CPU or in other words laggy. uses the .dsv save file which is their own save file that not much program support to edit it even though you could make it as a .sav file
Pro : faster uses less RAM than desmume GBA link feature save files are on .sav
cons : small screen needs another program to make it bigger Action Replay line not as many as desmume
I use desmume most of the time :D
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