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Originally Posted by iwelshykid View Post
But whyyy that means I can't evolve the Eevee into anything :( Except for Vaporeon, and I don't need a water type
LC has stone dealers hidden around johto and kanto. I can't name their places and which stones they sell because i forgot when i put them except for 1 or 2... They are pokemainiac sprites. Ones in violet across the water, one in cerulean and thats all i remember.

And it seems like option 2 it is then... xD I'll wait a bit longer and ask a question, another question:
Whats the thing you want to see done in this next beta? For example being able to evolve eevee to umbreon and espeon things like that. I would call them annoyances rather than bugs.

Also I've finished creating kanto part 4 and its tested, along with some final little bits in johto. I'll now be testing the orange islands and then adding the final touches/extras.
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