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Originally Posted by SDODC13 View Post
I'm a bit cunfused mainly cause i can be a bit blind but what options are we talking about?
Option 1 is releasing the beta in august which goes up til the end of the first island,
Option 2 is to wait longer and i'll add more of the islands.

Originally Posted by Zeikku™ View Post
Right, I've done two gym leader sprites. A falkner revamp in HeartGold and SoulSilver Palettes and a Bugsy edit from HeartGold and Soul Silver. The rest will be done by tonight hopefully. I'm having to use a laptop touchpad because I can't find my mouse, hence why things are going slow on my end.

Falkner took forever to do. By revamping it, I actually went through the effort in making everything proportionate. Not just a simple re-colour and shading improvement like most people do.
Looking great!! :D
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