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    Help-14 has left its position as a scripter, and we need a talented person to replace him.

    Our main problems are:

    -pokémon menus
    -bag menus
    -battle system
    -mini-games (fishing/archaeology)

    We can provide all the graphic aid you may need.

    This request is the most serious thing i've done since the beginning of Garnet. It's my personal deepest interest to find a scripter, as it signifies finishing Garnet or less.

    And please, i'm asking responsible people with a medium-high/high knowledge of ruby scripting and pokémon essentials.

    I can't grant anything in echange for that, except for my eternal gratitude and the "fame" your presence may bring.

    Obviously, more than one person may be even better.

    Please contact me via note or email. I'll talk with you and then decide.

    I may contact two or three person by myself, but i'd prefer to receive your request, rather than asking myself.

    Thank you.
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