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Wow! I better sign up.

Name: Spike Roller Ishiwata

Age: 16

Team: Leafeon, Combusken, Gengar, Magmar, Ralts, Minun.

Gender: Male

Legendary: Latias

Appearance: Spike's hair is black & is combed a lot. He wears a red headband, showing that he has no fear. He has dark green eyes, which people question about. He also has clear skin on him, his face being the most clear. He wonders if he should change his color of his skin. He stands at 5'7" feet tall. His shirt is black with blue sleeves, almost looking like a karate uniform. Spike wears mid-sized black leather pants that reach just over his knees. A white band hangs around his right leg. Spike got it as a good luck charm from a friend. Last thing is he sports modern black shoes, not worrying about fashion or looks.

Personality: Spike is a very couragous teen, never showing fear to anything or anyone. His greatest fear, however, is flying due to 'certain reasons'. He's demanding, loyal, & acts like a true leader. But he's also kind & loving, if you don't get on his nerves at least. He does his best to stay in shape, often getting others to join in. He likes when he's taken seriously, & at most, hates when people lie to him or themselves. Spike has trouble with 3 things. Friends, socializing, & of course, a girl. He wants a girl most of all. He doesn't just rush in though. He first wants to get to know them more, before he comes clean. Making friends is another problem, as his leadership gets in the way. He can be strict sometimes, but he never gives up. He's a true leader, & hopes to become the best one day.

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