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    Hey! I'm loving the new layout!

    Okay, now on to the new stuff. I'll be rating all the sections out of 5, and explaining why.

    Introduction - 5/5 This is so full of win. I loved it so much. All the detail in this sentence is just amazing.

    Azelon Region - 5/5 First, the world map looks great. A lot of vareity, tons of landmarks... It's just great. Second, I love the oligarchy idea with the elite four. Nice touch. :) But about the starters... Can you only choose from the water and grass types? It'd be a shame if you had to.

    Characters - 5/5 They are all very well sprited, and their descriptions are very nice. You gave them personalities. That's something you don't see to often.

    Screenshots - 4/5 first I'd like to comment on the different styles you used on the mapping. The outdoor maps is full of life, but the indoor maps are dull and boring. I'd suggest you choose a different indoor tileset. The forth map looks very empty at the top. And in the eight screen... Is that a house from FRLG? But I know you, it's probably a placeholder or something.

    Overall Score - 19/20

    If you want, I could take a look at your maps and.. I dunno, edit them a little?
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