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    "You're hardly dumb, Xavier..." Bernkastel mumbled under her breath. Xavier blinked, wondering why or how she'd know that, but it didn't quite matter to him. He didn't mean to have her think he was insulted. When you say you weren't dumb, it was just suposed to be like a figure of speech. You say that when someone had done something that is obvious to you, and they deny it, right? That's what Xavier thought anyway. I mean they used to say that all the time a thousand years ago....Did people still use those sayings? Xavier does sometimes....Maybe that's why she thought he was insulted. Hm. "....."

    ".........!!!!!!" Xavier's concealed brown eyes began to widen, and blink at an unatural rate when Bernkastel suddenly whispered into his ear. Even his cheeks were gaining a pink tint because of the action. Wh-wh-what is she doing?! "It runs in the family, no doubt." Wait. Did she mean his intelligence, or her whole eye changing thing? Well, the smart thing to do here, is just to assume that she did both. That way he's sorta right, without being wrong. Or he's just fully right, he guessed. "... Runs in the family," she added, while his face turned to the ground, at the sudden shock under his feet. They had landed.

    "........" Xavier blinked when he caught sight of the game-designer grinning at Bernkastel, then at herself waving at him. Were they....friends? That didn't make much sense to Xavier, so he automatically dismissed it. There was no way that the man, Natruo he believes, would be a friend with the one person he's failed to kill for the past two years. There was absolutely, positively, no way in hell, that they were friends. "........"

    "!!!" The moment the door opened fully, a gigantic gust of wind rushed trough, sending every last persons hair into a madhouse. "!!!" Xavier freaked as every single strand of his dark brown hair was moving madly, all of it now out of his eyes way. Quickly, Xavier shielded his eyes with his hands, spreading apart his index finger, and his middle finger so he could see. Oh lord. He thought that all the conversations were bad. "...." A constant patter of rain hit the helicopter. It wasn't what Xavier liked. He liked soft rain, where it seemed to sooth him, but this was horrible. It was a reckless rain, coming down like an endless plague. He never will understand why angels liked this so much. "....."

    Xavier walked towards the exit, and a gaurd stopped him to offer an umbrella. ".......No." Xavier shook his head at the man, before stepping out of the helicopter his wings shielding him from the rain. "...." He took a look at one of the angels, and he was doing the same thing. Looks like he was smart enough to use his body as well. "....." Turning his gaze from the angel, he continued to walk ahead, his pants getting somewhat wet, while his torso was perfectly dry, and his head getting a few drops every now and then.

    ".....?" He looked up at the building in front of him quietly for a second, before realizing what this building probably was. It was the training building most likely. He had never actually seen pictures of the building, but he knew that participants had to go through some sort of training. It'd make thing interesting for the gods. Personally, Xavier didn't think he needed any training, he has been doing magic for fun his whole life. He has like fifty billion magic books anyhow, and he's practiced countless different spells. It'd be easy. The only thing he's need practice in, would be a weapon. He probably wouldn't use one anyway, but oh well. "......"

    Slowly, Xavier stepped inside, blinking at how absolutely plain the room was, only white walls and such. It was just....just...odd. The only speck of detail he could see was the four elevators, but even then, they still didn't really count. "......" Xavier moved to a wall in the room, sliding down it, and sitting criss cross. He rested his elbow on one of his thighs, then using his hand to rest his head. Xavier had a blank expression on his face, but he curiously watched Bernkastel. She had a puddle underneath her feet, and there was no evidence she had been wet AT ALL. "....Hm...." Xavier patted his wet somewhat wet hair down, it falling halfway down his eyes, but it was good enough. Not saying it didn't bothered the hell out of him. ".....?" He blinked when he saw her dry Marisa, and Kerin, then drench Shiro even more. Since when was Bern a deviant? "......" He turned away from the scene, holding his face in his hands.
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