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    Shizuka had pretty much gone into a trance after Marisa had revived him from his attack by Natruo, a quick flash of his entire left side of his bodying giving up on him and leaving him unable to physically scream out in pain - but he did on the inside the whole time. But this little girl, who he ruled in the beginning would be quite the competitor, had saved him with a mere touch - he was now eternally in debt to her until he repaid the favor in his mind. Shizuka's little trance was quickly destroyed by the sudden gust of wind that came through the helicopter doors he hadn't seen open, not that he had felt the helicopter actually land either, and everyone's clothing and hair began to swirl around in every direction.

    Well, apparently we're here.., he thought to himself. Everyone began marching out of the helicopter one by one, Shizu watched and took another second to look every competitor up and down one more time. This was probably going to be the last time things were as 'calm' as they had been, well that is calm to the types of people everyone who was here was. Shizuka was one of the last to stand up and as he reached the doors he stopped and let the down pouring rain that was now splashing against his face revitalize him. Shizuka continued down the ramp, his ears ignoring the sounds of speaking around him and just honing in on the drip dropping of the moisture hitting the ground beneath his feet - the rain was so relaxing and healing to him. One of the guards tapped his shoulder and interrupted Shizuka's thinking and his eyes flashed a bright blue color as he began glaring at him - he was offering up an umbrella. Shizuka extended his wings and knocked the umbrella from his hands while continuing to glare in hatred at the guard, he was caught off balance by the Angel's sudden extended wings and had stumbled backwards and fallen. Using his wings, Shizu created his own umbrella and used them to cover him slight as he continued to walk - the rain still came crashing down against his face and dripped down each strand of hair. Hopefully when the time came for him to fight for his life, it would be raining.

    Got to keep those things to myself, don't need to give away my own secrets so early on, Shizuka continued to talk to himself. That was when he reached the doors and returned his wings to their closed state and walked into the large room, everything covered in white, and his eyes quickly shifted around the room and located everyone he needed to; Bernkastel, Marisa and Amelia. Bernkastel and Marisa were both dry, but how Shizu wondered, and Amelia was heading in his direction as soon as she noticed him come inside. He didn't have time to react to anything that had happened next, what was this girl doing to him and why had he felt the need to protect her since the beginng..

    "I'll tell you everything, and you don't need to threaten me," and she then leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. Kissed? Why had she done that, what was the reason behind everything going on. Shizuka told himself to stopping worrying so much about the simple questions like this because he had learned he was clearly blind to the worlds he thought he had known. All he knew now was that his future was paired with Amelia's and if he was destined to die, it would be dying to protect them both. Protecting anyone who would be willing to sacrifice themselves to help bring down this corrupted government they were all living in. With that he followed after Amelia in quick strides, water still dripping from his hair and the tips of his wings.
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