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    Originally Posted by Azure Wish View Post
    Two things that really irked me were that Braviary didnt get Close Combat (its a war eagle!) and that Samurott did not get Shell Smash.
    That would make sense, but I consider Close Combat to be one of the most overused and "uber" of attacks. Also, whatever happened to Brick Break in Unova? Hardly anyone can learn it anymore, and there is no longer a TM for it.

    Originally Posted by Opposite Day View Post
    It actually does get Dragon Tail :x Return is pretty strongs as well, and hell you can just Leech Seed anything not named Heatran, works for me.
    Whoops, you're right. Mine has Toxic and Aerial Ace, along with two Grass moves. If I run into a Steel-type Pokemon, though, I'm f....ed.
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