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    Originally Posted by Lake of Retro View Post
    Dude, did you take that with a potato?
    Yes, yes I did. I don't have a camera, but I found this cool potato the other day. I put butter on and took a few bites out of it, but then I saw that it had a camera feature! Unfortunately I had eaten part of the camera receptor, so that's why the picture came out so blurry. :cer_laugh:

    Originally Posted by TamaTurtle View Post
    I'm bored but don't know what to hunt for. I want it to be EPIC! Suggestions?
    I find quests to be epic - try going for a set, like all Pokemon of a certain type, all starters, all legendaries, all green Pokemon, or something like that.

    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    I have a shiny Tangela in my Crystal. The only 1 in 8000-something chance that I ever encountered on a legitimate game. I'm worried about the battery dying (even though it stayed alive after almost 10 years) so is there any safe way to preserve my precious?
    Welcome to the club! If you have another 2nd or 1st gen game, you can trade it over. It won't appear shiny if you trade it to R/B/Y, but it will still have the same data values so that if you ever trade it to another 2nd gen game, it will be shiny again.

    Originally Posted by NightOfRemorse View Post
    For the contest, I'm at 800 encounters. Sad, right? When I saw someone had 18,000 I'm like :O bahaha I seriously wonder how some people get so many encounters...
    I guess it depends on what you're hunting. When I was hunting Treecko, I could do nearly 2000 encounters per day. But with Palkia, I'm lucky if I get to 200. 3rd gen games are typically much faster to hunt on - the 4th and 5th gen title screens are frustratingly slow!
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