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    Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
    It really sounds like a swell idea (and I don't use that word often)! But I do agree with MarshMallow DJ about the whole dragon gym thang. I look forward to screenshots :D The story is brilliant and well thought out. I'm working on a story myself, but looking at ROM ideas of this calibre...
    Either way, I wish you luck
    Thanks a lot! I put a lot of thought into the story and I really like it, it's good for me to hear that other people feel the same way. :D

    The Dragon Gym thing is still in debate. And I know this project is going to be really hard especially since it's just me and my friend working on it but we will get it done eventually.

    As far as screenshots we will hopefully have some soon, I've decided to try and do the mapping myself cause I don't want to wait for a skilled mapper to decide to help us out. (Like I have a post in the team recruitment thread for like 3 weeks and still no replies... )

    I'm going to try to learn how to do a bit of everything involved in making this game so we won't need as much helpers. I know how to draw, sprite, write storylines and develop characters, now I'm gonna try learning the rest. I'm going to be starting with the mapping first so I can post up some screenshots for you guys. I just need to get some good tilesets first, which I find rather hard to do...
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