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    Episode 30: A Desperate Moment

    [BGM: Hearts in Ice]

    "Janine...can you sense how old a char mark is or how it got there?" Ash asked, perplexed by the black marks gouged in the ice.

    "My divination jutsu isn't the strongest, but I can try." With that, Janine lay a hand on the charred ice, making a red aura appear on the wall for a few moments. "Karakashu-san's tale may be right--this char is from a time long ago."

    "Look what I found!" Dawn reported, gesturing to another wall with glittering water-like designs.

    "Then maybe Feu Rose will be there if we find the point where these designs meet!" Even Misty was giddy with excitement. as the group trudged down another corridor. "But be aware that we still have to deal with whatever monster makes its lair in the cave..."

    "What do you suppose could've sickened the mayor of Chairo's daughter and created a barrier of ice that no spell alone could melt?" Dawn challenged as everyone glanced at Ash.

    Ash swallowed hard and thought for a moment. Think Ash, out of all the creatures and Pokemon you read about in the lore books that sing magic, which one would make its home in an ice cave?

    He sat down on a rock nearby another charred wall, with a glittering wall across from it. Skygers can sing magic, but they live in the clouds of heaven. Dragons have been said to sing magic...

    "Pika!" He was snapped from his musing when Pikachu frantically gestured to some canine-like pawprints leading down a corridor.

    "You think that whatever creature caused this mess was a canine creature?" Ash asked. Pikachu nodded as his master got up from the rock and followed his comrades down a corridor. That makes narrowing it down a lot easier--no ordinary wolf, fox, or dog can sing magic.

    "Any theories?" Misty's question snapped him back to reality as the group entered a large open room with seemingly no other ways out.

    "Well..." Ash took a few deep breaths to calm his racing heart, then began. "Pikachu found some pawprints that look canine in nature back in the corridors, so I have several candidates. One is the serigala, a bear-like wolf often seen in the mountains."

    "Has a very melodic howl that many unlucky travelers mistake for a girl--that's why it is notorious for luring lost travelers to be eaten." Brock added. "Its distinctive howl is also how it can sing magic--although I use the term sing very loosely."

    "Another possibility is a were-creature--but that would require demonic activity in this area." Ash continued as he eyed a spot of snow that glowed pink.

    "Would a felilupe work?" Janine suggested.

    "Wrong area--they are more of a forest dweller." Misty replied as she watched Kissa dig through the pinl spot of snow.

    "Forgive me for interrupting the debate, but perhaps this is of interest to you?" Kissa interrupted, gesturing to a large slab of glass containing pink flames.

    Misty gasped. "Is that...?"

    "Feu Rose!" Ash knelt on the ground and laid a hand on the glass slab, making his hand glow pink as he absorbed a little of the pink flames.

    Just then, an oddly pleasent sounding howl pierced the chilly air. "Oh no..." Dawn swallowed hard and readied an arrow as a white canine with a hulking body akin to a bear leapt into the room, making the caves shake and icicles rattle.

    [BGM: Out of the Ground, Raze All Greenery in Flame! (battle theme 1)]

    "We are dealing with a serigala!" Misty gasped, but before she could draw her blade and attack, Kissa had leapt at the monstrous creature, only to be thrown into the snow.

    "Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!" Dawn commanded, enveloping Kissa in a soothing blue light.

    "Searing heat and winter chill, come together to protect us! Feu Rose!" Ash commanded, making a pink wall of flames surround the group. The serigala tried again and again to break through the flaming wall, but only yelped in pain at every attempt.

    Finally, it howled in frustration, making glittering dust fall into the room.

    "Dreamer's Dust?" Misty yawned before falling into the snow, asleep.

    "You forgot that our opponent can..." This was as far as Brock got before he too fell asleep.

    Ash panicked as one by one, his friends fell under the spell the serigala had sung. If he didn't think of something quick, he too would succumb to Dreamer's Dust and they would all be killed!

    Brock's necklace gave him an idea. The Necklace may not be complete yet, but I need to borrow some of that magic!

    He grabbed the Dreamer's Flute and called over the serigala's howl "Shining beacon of many colors, show me the way to power! Rainbow Spark!" With that, he played a calm melody that formed a wave of sparkling light, catching the serigala by surprise and awakening the others.

    "Impossible!" Misty was the most surprised. "I didn't know a mage could tap into a minstrel's spell!"

    "Others can try to cast Rainbow Symphony, but it will always be a different spell." Brock explained as he eased himself to his feet and found his harp. "Ash is merely borrowing some of my own power to hold the serigala down." With that, he called "Light of heaven, guard us from the unending darkness! Holy Mirror!" as the serigala howled again, sending the second wave of Dreamer's Dust back onto itself.

    [cut BGM]

    "Thanks, Ash..." Dawn smiled as Ash concluded Rainbow Spark.

    "My pleasure--now who wants the honor of slaying this beast?" Ash asked.

    [BGM: Guiding Light, Shed Magic Power From Above! (tide turns in heroes' favor)]

    "I'm not done yet!" and Brock's song turned frantic. "Wind of light, bring forth your colorful promise! Diamond Breeze!"

    "What in the..." Misty gasped as a whirlwind of diamonds and rainbow wind formed around the snoozing serigala.

    "The serigala almost killing Kissa must have enraged Brock enough to awaken a new spell!" Dawn agreed.

    "It did--this should banish it from this place!" With that, he played a sweeping chord, engulfing the serigala in the Diamond Breeze.

    [cut BGM]

    "No wonder that creature was so aggressive--look what I found!" Janine called as the last of the Diamond Breeze died down. She held up a pale blue stone that glowed as it sang Give it some words, and...

    "Saidas' Aquamarine!" Ash gasped as the stone flew over to Brock's necklace and latched on next to Raissel's Emerald.

    Misty smiled. "You did wonderfully working as a team--I would be honored to come with you on your quest."

    "Really?" Ash asked, interested. "But what about your comrades?"

    "I have not forgotten about them--I'm curious to see if their disappearance is connected to your quest for Rainbow Symphony."

    "An interesting thought indeed." Kissa agreed. "For now, let's return to Chairo--my fur is freezing!"

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