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    As to the movesets, I simply try to replace the gen 4 and 5 attacks with similar gen 3 attacks.

    The forme changing is still not working. Need to dedicate more time to research it.

    At current progress rates (as I'm taking a short break from doing it XD) never.

    But if I were to go back to it hammer and tongs (so to speak), It'd probably take me about 2 months to get everything working.

    Current Patch Progress:
    Limiters (100%)
    Names (100%)
    Front Sprites (100%)
    Back Sprites (80% - Missing Shiny Pallets for Unova Pokémon)
    Pokémon Data (100%)
    Pokédex Entries (100%)
    Movesets (0%)
    TM/HM Compatibilities (0%)
    Evolution Data (100%)
    Evolution Types Added (100%)
    Icons (100%)
    Cries (100%)
    Footprints (0%)
    Pokédex Habitat Data (100%)
    New Base Exp System (100%)
    Item Use Coordinates (0%)
    Gen 4/5 Moves (0%)

    Hopefully that'll help to whet some appetites...

    EDIT: Bugger. Double posted...
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