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    Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    I nod slightly in Kerin's direction in approval. Why was I even bothering going to this 'party'? There wouldn't be any meaning for me. Nothing for me to gain. These people were probably going to question me. Ask me questions which they hope would appear innocent... I suppose it was because Marisa asked me first. If it had been someone else, I would have been more hesitant. I remove myself from Marisa, and happen upon a scene which makes me raise my eyebrows ever so slightly. ".... I got to go," I mumble, swiftly moving from the vampires without a second glance. I had seen Amelia kiss Shizuka's cheek. Odd. Very odd. As I pass Shizuka on his way to the elevator, I whisper into his shoulder, something he was probably waiting for. "You have my attention," and I was off. Not a single pause. As I walk off in Xavier's direction, I look over my shoulder to purposely watch Shizuka. Hm... So, Amelia kissed him. That definitely got my attention indeed.

    I'm directly before Xavier, when I finally pull my gaze to him. His face is covered behind his hands. I give him a blank, emotionless look. Why bother outcasting yourself, when you could just go to the elevator? I sigh lightly, and take one of the hands pressed against his face. "No use being here," I breathe out, simply because it's true. I didn't need to speak with anyone else. I wanted to rest up in my new room before the 'party'. However, I wasn't going to leave Xavier here, because he honestly looked like he wouldn't move without being told so. "Let's go," I lightly peel his palm out from his face, taking in the chocolate eyes beneath. "....." I avert my gaze, and begin to pull him along for a few steps, before breaking away and moving to our elevator. Paris isn't here, so that must mean she's already in her compartment. Ryuu... He's watching me with hawk-like eyes. I stare right back. He had a fight with Natruo in this very room, at midnight.

    Once Xavier's at my side, I make a point to fixate my attention to the opening elevator door. The elevator itself is quite a large amount of space. You could have about twenty people lay in here. The crimson carpet is welcoming, as well as the glass walls that reflect our faces back at us. "....." I step in wordlessly, and spin on my heels to face the training room. A control panel, like last year, is formed into the wall. As Xavier comes in to accompany me, I press the button marked "Dining Room". The sliding doors close shut.

    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    When I pull away from Bern, there is a huge, unwavering smile on my lips. She agreed! Extremely happy, I glomp Kerin next. Bern pardons herself, and I pull the parka closer into me as the older vampire asks if I am still cold. I shake my head. "Au au! Kerin-sama's park'chi kept me warm!" I playfully raise my hands and wave them around; the long sleeves past my hands fumbling around. I giggle, and take Kerin's hand. "Let's make a Biiggggg party! Really really big, desu!" I wave over at Fang with my other hand, who is standing by the door in a sort of trance. Fang had been rather silent since boarding the helicopter... He needed to be happy and active for the party! "Boooo Fang! Come!" He blinks up at me, grins, and runs over. "So what's happening with Bern, Mari?" I take his hand into my right, and beam brightly. "Bern is gonna come to our party!" Fang raises his eyebrows. Right. He didn't know. "A party with me and Kerin-sama and Fang and Bern and really special people!" Fang's eyebrows only go higher. I huff cutely. "Uu... While we wait, we're gonna watch a Population Game with Kerin-sama before Bern comes over! It's gonna be fun!" I say, pulling the two boys over to our elevator. I couldn't wait! Supper while watching the seventh Population Game! Then, Bern would come over... Everything was so exciting!

    "Hau au au! Onward!"
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