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    Xavier simply, kept his hands laying over his face rendering him sightless, but his ears, sadly for Xavier, continued to take in the noises of his surroundings. Chatter. Mindless, boring, useless, stupid, chatter. There was no need to talk mindlessly. Only if something of importance was needed to be said, then he'd understand. But what he's heard from all these people sounds absolutely--!!! "!!!" He blinked into his hands, when he heard the sound of lips smacking. Did...somebody, or some people, just kiss? Here? ".....?" Really? Wouldn't that be something to do in private? Hm....

    Soon, Xavier's wandering thoughts were interrupted, when he heard the soft sound of footsteps moving towards him. Didn't they see that he was away from the group? Didn't the person see that he had his face hidden away? Weren't those pretty sure signs that Xavier wanted to be left alone. They were pretty easy signs to show that someone didn't want to be spoken to, or just wanted to be left ALONE for that matter. It's all the Game's fault. If he hadn't been picked he would be able to just rest, and most importantly, BE ALONE. How difficult was it to see that he just wanted to be alone?! REALLY?!

    "......" The footsteps stopped suddenly, and Xavier hoped and hoped and hoped, but he never did hear the footsteps walk away. Damn. Xavier felt as if he should go off on the person, but he automatically dismissed that option. He wouldn't go that low as to be hypocritical. He hated hypocrites.

    "....." Xavier blinks as he hears a sigh, then blinks even more when a hand is taken off from his face, and into another hand. Who would be bold enough to touch him of all people. Xavier looked up. Answer to the previous question, Bernkastel Vermilia, that's who. "No use being here," she breathes out. Xavier blushes as she removes his other hand, then stares down at his unconcealed brown eyes. He stares back at her emerald colored eyes, his pair brushed with light surprise. Why was she doing this? Again? First, she holds his wrist on the helicopter, second, she whispers into his ear, and now, she was holding his hand. Why?

    Xavier's blush increases to a dark pink, when Bernkastel raises him up by dragging him over to the elevator. She let's go halfway, and for awhile, he could only stare at her moving body dumbly. He was shocked from all her actions. "......" After blinking a few times, he snaps out of his daze, and walks over into the elevator. Xavier stares straight in front of him blankly as the elevator shuts close. The dark pink still remained on his cheeks.
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