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"Hau au au! Onward!" Marisa pulled Kerin and Fang towards the vampire district elevator, her enthusiasm quite unmatched. Wait, if they were going to the vampire district's area, they were still missing one. A drugged, ditzy, psychotic one.

"Hang on a second," Kerin left Marisa with Fang and stepped over to Shiro and her accompanying god. The god gave him a funny look as Kerin pulled the vampire away but didn't say a word. Just as he rejoined the rest of the group, the elevator arrived, as well as frowns and such from Fang and Marisa. Kerin gave them a bleak smile. "She's still drugged, might as well dump her somewhere. I don't know, I feel sorry for her, okay?" He made a face. Yeah, he would feel sorry for himself later when she snapped out of it.

They all got into the elevator, Kerin pushing Shiro gently into one of the corners then taking Marisa's hand. There were several buttons to choose from, though Kerin picked the one that he was looking forward to most; their rooms. Each button even had their names next to it, how... convenient. He pushed two buttons; F4 and F6, Shiro and Marisa's floors. Kerin glanced at the names, reading exactly how they were spelt. Fang, Shiro, Kerin and Marisa. His name looked a little bland by itself without the Knight on the end. Speaking of which, he had no idea of anyone's full names. He couldn't really remember if they were shown on that TV Kerin saw when they first arrived at the government building, back in the vampire district. Ah well, what better way than to ask?

"What's your last names?" Kerin asked everyone in general asthe elevator lifted and silently ascended into the tower. It moved quite fast as it was only a few seconds before they had reached Shiro's floor. Kerin quickly escorted her out, pretty much pushing her onto her floor and opened the door for her to go in. She might be drugged, but she could figure out how to walk inside. He jumped back into the elevator and the doors closed, taking them up to Marisa's floor. The doors opened to a door, which Kerin opened first and led Marisa and Fang in. It was... quite beautiful. Better than Kerin had stayed in before. Ever. Though, the only things he had stayed in was a small church in the Human District and a dingy house in the Vampire District.
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