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    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    "....?" I felt Kerin slip from my grip, and I immediately turned around in confusion. Where was he...? Oh. I watched, a slight frown upon my face as he took Shiro from the guard and brought her over. She was soaking wet, miserable, and looked extremely intoxicated. She was silent, but you could definitely make out the mistrust, uncertainty and fear in her eyes. Fear? What did they give her, to make that happen? Oh well. I smiled nervously, and hopped into the elevator alongside Fang. He didn't pay Shiro much notice. Kerin, though, was quick to push her into a corner and take my hand. Shiro, being her odd drunken self, stared at the corner as if she was in time-out. I tilted my head at her, and then, at Kerin's out-of-the-blue question.

    "Hau! Ryu-na-tta~! Marisa Ryunatta, Kerin-sama!!" I cry out almost immediately, swinging our hands along. Fang raises his eyebrows. "Uh, Yumigami...Please tell me you're not gonna address me by that name!" He grins jokingly. "Otherwise i'll address you as 'Sir Knight'." He laughs out. Shiro blinks and glances over her shoulder; mumbling something about eating before going back to staring at the corner. I blink even more. When we get to Shiro's room, Kerin doesn't hesitate to walk her in a bit, before pushing her in and coming back to the elevator. The psycho stumbles a bit, before falling to her knees dumbly. The elevator door closes.

    When they open again, I am looking at my new room. A bed too big for someone my size, takes up the top left corner of the room. Not much occupies the rest, except for a closed door which must lead to a bathroom, as well as a small coffee table. "!!!" I smile widely, completely forgetting about the pity I once felt for Shiro. I love my bed! It's so...So... I fling myself face-first it. FLUFFY. I squirm around and manage to sit up. A big,gleaming smile appeared on my face. "This is SO COOL."

    Because of my short attention span, it wasn't long before I was gaping out at the glass doors showing me the balcony. It was storming like no tomorrow! I huffed cutely, before glomping Kerin. "We still have a long, long time before Bern comes over, so lets get something to eat and watch the seventh Population Games!" Fang chuckled a bit, and ruffled my hair. "Alrighty, but we don't need you getting nightmares..."
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