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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    Look at the release dates of previous movies and you will see the disparity of time between them.

    Mewtwo Strikes Back: Japan - July 18, 1998 / US - November 10, 1999.

    Power of One: Japan - July 17, 1999/ US - July 21, 2000.

    Pokemon 4Ever: Japan - July 7, 2001/ US - October 11, 2002.

    Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: Japan - July 15, 2005/ US - September 19, 2006

    There is just four examples of movies that took over a year between on another. So we can't "confirm" anything until Pokemon Co. officially releases the date. But it will probably take 8+ months. 2 months will probably never ever happen. The anime itself is 4-5 months ahead in Japan.
    Thanks alot, I needed that...gotta say, kinda depressing