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    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I plant my face against the glass door, as Kerin questions Fang about his name. I already knew the answer, so I decided to watch outside. My nose squished, my golden eyes watch the rain attack the balcony mercilessly. Yes, there were stairs... Maybe if it cleared up soon, we could have the party on the rooftop! I was giving nature about four hours.

    "Huh? Oh. Yea. I went by a different name in the Human District. I skipped school often, so I wouldn't put it against ya if ya don't remember me. Heck, we weren't in the same classes! But, Fang is the name I go by now." He shrugs, and moves himself back over to the open elevator. "Kitchen is gonna be in the dining room. Food is probably out for supper. Ya coming?" I perk up immediately, and attach myself to Kerin.

    "Uuu! And then we find a T.V!" I cry out. For the twenty-third time today, I take Kerin's hand and drag him into the elevator. Once we're all inside, I stab my finger onto the correct floor. Underneath my feet, I feel us shoot downwards to our destination. We're there within seconds. And, what we are now staring at, is probably the most fancy dining room all of us have ever seen.

    A glossy wooden flooring, accompanied by a beautiful hue of purple staining the four walls, takes my attention almost instantly. I step in, and admire the expensive artwork hung against the wall. Though I do not know the artists, I am simply floored by the creativity in their design. In the center of this room, is a large, golden table drapped by a black veil. Atop it, are the nesessities for dining. Expensive china plates with fancy cuttlery, as well as about a million spoons and forks. The table is lined at the center with stunningly fresh white roses, as well as three-point candle holders. The candles have not been lit, but by seeing the servant standing off by a door, they will be if we are seated.

    Out of pure curiousity, I approach the female servant. Standing at about five feet, five inches, she wears this odd black and white uniform I have never seen before. It's black, mostly, but the apron is a stainless white. Her eyes are a blank aquamarine, as the stare at the floor. She seemed... Sad. I cocked my head to the side, and she looks up to see me. She's immediately startled not by my presense, but by how young I look. She stumbles back slightly with her eyes jumping to each point of my body. Slowly, she relaxes, and mumbles an apology.

    I smile sweetly. "It's okeii!! I'm just wondering if we could have some food and eat! We wanna watch the previous games! Mew!" She blinks a bit at my request, and slowly slides herself into the next room. I patiently wait. She, and two others come back with our dishes.

    What I see before me, is the most rich, sensational meal in history.A fluffy cloud of mashed potatoes center my plate. Surrounding it, are cut-up pieces of salmon, steak, and chicken. Between the trigram of these meats, is another to fill up the side gaps. Steamed veggies. Yum. Broccolli, califlower, and carrots... Delicious.

    I take a long sniff of the foods, and thank the servant. She only nods, and points to a staircase. I give her a confused look. "Oh. Is that where we'll find a T.V? Thankies!" I give her a happy grin, before turning to Kerin and Fang. They too, have gotten their meals.

    "Au au! Let's go!"

    Chapter 3 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    Because of my cleansing, I do not notice the full extent of my actions right away. But as I settle myself into the elevator compartment, I really begin to think. 'Oh. You did it this time. He'll probably think I'm trying to infatuate him. When... Oh I don't even know why I did that! I guess because I wasn't thinking?' I sigh softly, and watch as he brushes past Bernkastel. I can only hope that he doesn't bring it up. Wonderful. Now I made an awkward air. I look around desperately for Pewita and Kaito. They're speaking off in a corner, and Pewita looked like she was getting angered over something... Hm.

    When Shizuka is inside, I immediately jab my finger against the floor marked with his name, and then mine which just so happens to be the floor above his. I'm soaking wet. He's pretty wet himself. New clothing would be best. I cross my arms over the chest of my dress. I was thankful that most of the fabric was pink, but I was still conscious of the triangle space centering my chest where it was a creamy white color. Alright. Standing in the rain wasn't the best idea either. I was making wonderful choices today! My thoughts were dripping in sarcasm. 'Slapping my mother... Saying thatI hated her... Punching the game designer in the gut... Standing in the rain... Kissing Shizuka's cheek...' They were all bad decisions on my part, and I was surely gonna take karma full-throttle in the games. Just my luck...

    The minute we stop at Shizuka's floor, I lightly nudge him into the hallway seperating the elevator, from his room. I give him a weak, painful smile at the touch I just given myself. Crap. I didn't think that through, either. I'm silent as the doors close between us. "...." When the elevator is on my floor, I dash out and throw myself at the door of my room. Opening it after a bit of fumbling, I fling myself onto my bed without a glance at the rest of my surroundings.

    I don't pay mind to my soaked clothes. It's the least of my worries how dry my bed is. I worry about how I'll even bevable to survive a day in the arena. I cry. For no reason, but of how frightened I am of death. I had seen what happens in these games. What kind of things Natruo throws at the people inside... He's ruthless. He doesn't give mercy, and, above all else, he gives false hope. I cling to hope. And if I do in the arena, he'll kill me without the bat of an eyelash. And if his creations don't kill me, everything else, will. I'm built to be admired indoors. I've hardly spent any time outside. How can I know anything? The time... What's edible... What is going to kill me... None of that is within my knowledge. Killing? I wouldn't have the guts to do it if I had an easy kill before me. Fighting is out of the question... I'm useless. Completely useless.

    When I finish crying into my blankets, I sit on the floor. My vision is blurred, but I can make out glimmering crystals and diamonds and gold... Even at my home, I was never in the presense of something this beautiful. A white carpet beneath me, with shimmering gold walls encasing me. A small table in the corner is where a potted lily lays. I calm to this scene, and I slid out of my clothing. Even my undergarments and corset are drenched. I take it all off, and head to the bathroom naked. The bathroom is just as glamorous. I don't explore much to find the fluffy white towels awaiting me. After drying off my body and what I can of my wings and hair, I go back into my room. Clothing... I spot a closet over by the table, and I approach it. When it is open, I can't help but stand there in amazement. Beautiful gowns hang by several poles, which slide back into the wall at the press of a button. But, there are also normal articles of clothing I have never worn in my life. It was all fancy dresses.

    I was dressed in the most normal clothing I had ever worn. Wash out jeans snug to my skin... A long-sleeved purple shirt... A turtleneck was what it was called, I think. Just a plain purple, but I loved it. Looking myself over in the mirror, I brushed through my long, dirty blonde hair. I had washed off all my makeup, and for once... I could see my beautiful, original face. I loved this face. I didn't know why I needed to be under so many layers of makeup... I had ditched my corset into the garbage. I was never going to wear something like that again. I liked being able to breathe.

    Once I was all cleaned and happy with my normal appearance, I left my room. My old clothing had been hung to dry inside, since it had still be storming horribly outside. I made my way to the elevator in only my flat white shoes. No heels... It felt amazing on my feet. I was relaxed. I was fresh. I was me. I stepped into the elevator, and went down to the dining room. I was starving. Shizuka was probably down there already. Maybe Kaito and Pewita as well. I put on a light smile, as the elevator doors opened.

    This room was like a palace, no doubt. A chandilier hanging overhead of a stunning table of food. The walls were of soft shades. Blue...Green...White. It had a calming effect. As I stepped in, I noticed the male angel sitting down at this feast. I gave a slight wave,and squeaked out a hello, to Shizuka.
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