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hey elaynii, i am goin to tell you sorta what i think about this, in the style neo-spriteman did.

Introduction - 5/5 I totally agree with neo here. this introduction is great.

Azelon Region - 3/5 personally, i think the world map is too bland, its pretty much the typical mountain, and a region below it, and frankly it looks pretty empty.

Characters - 4/5 most of the characters look good, but suri's sprite seems to dark, and is silver playable? that just seem weird.

Screenshots - 3/5 some of these look good, but i frankly think most of them look... empty, like a lot of the grass is the same all the time, you should try changing up the grass tile sometimes.

Overall Score - 15/20

sorry for rappin' on your game, but when I critique i do harsh critique.
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