Thread: Development: Multiplayer possibility?
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Originally Posted by Putin View Post
So... Like for the purpose of racing, or something? Or potentially for solving puzzles?

Also, every version of no$gba's been capable of doing this (linking smoothly that is) as long as I've been using it. I still don't get why there is such a bias toward using VBA as the end-user, though as an hacker I understand its utility, so I am sure there is something I am still missing here, but linking issues were technically resolved ages ago.
I don't know. No huge purpose.
Just to be able to play through the game together I guess.

Originally Posted by Liquid Twilight View Post
Personally, I was thinking of attempting something like this myself but there seems to be a lot that could wrong. Sounds good though
I agree. But you never know. I've seen people do some crazy stuff so there could be something possible. :]
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