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My Team in Black

MAIN- Raichu (Female) Lv. 100
Moves- Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail
Item- Amulet Coin

Samurott (Female) Lv. 100
Moves- Waterfall, X-Scissor, Ice Beam, Revenge
Item- Leftovers

Chandelure (Female) Lv.100
Moves- Inferno, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Double Team
Item- Scope Lens, Wide Lens... I forget [Whichever one boosts accuracy]

Accelgor (Female) Lv. 100
Moves- Final Gambit, Bug Buzz, Yawn, Acid Armor
Item- Fighting Gem

Hydreigon (Female) Lv. 100
Moves- Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Tri-Attack, Flamthrower
Item- Lum Berry [to wipe out the after-affect of Outrage >:D]

Excadrill (Female) Lv. 100
Moves- Fissure, Earthquake, Metal Claw, Poison Jab
Item- King's Rock

Oh yes, and before anyone asks, I do not use cheats. I hate cheats.
Second Chances are Only Real in Videogames... ♥
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