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    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    "For... Shiro?" I asked, looking at the two plates he held. It was beyond me how he could carry so much stuff, but I was more concerned with him having a plate for Shiro. What if the drugs were out of her system, and she attacked him? I was just beginning to protest, when Fang stepped in. His face make have looked happy and innocent now, but it was slightly grim earlier.

    "Here, I'll take it off your hands," He took Shiro's plate from him, and grinned. "You guys start watching. I'll take it up. I need to change clothes, anyways!" Right. He was soaking wet. I giggled lightly, and looked at the trail of water he had made.

    "Uu, okaii Fang. Be quick!" I ushered him to the elevator, and he was off. I looked back around the room. "Hmmm..." I wandered fora moment, before switching the gigantic television on. 'What would you like to watch?' It said on the screen. I plopped down in a beany chair. "Population Games, Seventh Season." I said clearly. Instantly the screen switched, and we were watching an interview. An interview of the contestants before the games. Sure enough, Bernkastel Vermillia was among them. Being fifteen, all of the competition was older than herself. Men that towered at 6'5, 220 pounds... Wisp-like women who were stealthy... She was clearly at a disadvantage phyically. But, if it came down to beauty, she would win hands down.

    All the contestants were dressed up for the occassion. Sexy, beauty, handsome, strong, weak, smart, and blood-thirsty... They were all there. First vampires, then demons, humans, and angels... That was the order for the interview. Bern happened to be sixth for the interview. And if you thought Bern was dark and mysterious now, you should have seen her last year.

    Her outfit was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever laid upon. A dazzling, plain black dress that was fitted tight to her upper body, before fanning out greatly. It fell down in wisps at her knees. This was a strapless dress, so it showed all the curves on the demon. Her wings were as black as the night... Hair as dark as a raven... Glowing emerald eyes... She was the Queen of Darkness. The two burnt symbols on her shoulders especially stood out. Untouched, they were bloody and that only made her look more deadly, yet so... So beautiful. As she sat down to have the interview with a man named Venius Cloud, I couldn't help but whisper to myself. "She's beautiful... Underneath that witch hat and all that clothing... This is her?"

    The interview had an edge to it I hadn't seen in the other ones. Bern obviously wasn't one for talking. She would answer questions with little detail, and she put no effort into these answers. However, she changed tramatically half-way through.

    "... Bernkastel, what we want to know, is why you decided to say in the Demon District. Why?" Asked Venius, a slightly plump man wearing a striking black outfit. His blonde curls had some obviously dyed black streaks to them. His forest eyes were questioning.

    Bern paused for a moment, and pretended to be busy fixing her dress. Finally, she answered. "Because I have someone to take care of," Venius made a face.



    "A friend?"


    Now Venius was leaning back in his chair in thought. "A boy?" There is another brief pause.

    "Yes," She answers quietly. "He doesn't know I exist. But, I'm alright with that. As long as he's safe from harm." The crowd goes silent, and the buzzer goes off. Bern excuses herself silently.

    "Bern has a crush?" I ask curiously, as the next interviews begin. "But she's so...Emotionless... Au..."
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