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Kerin thanked Fang, put the TV down where Marisa instructed (though he was under the impression he would be putting it somewhere in her room) and joined her in a chair next to her. Even the chairs themselves were of the best quality; the most comfortable Kerin's ass had ever felt. He shuffled around a little and tucked his legs up next to him to try and retain his heat. As Marisa started up last year's population games, Kerin put the bag he had gotten earlier aside and dug into the food on his plate. It was extremely delicious. The meat was perfectly cooked and the vegetables perfectly steamed. Though Kerin wouldn't admit it aloud, the blood sauce on the steak was the cream of the cake. Ah... so good. He pulled himself away from his food for a minute to watch Bern's interview. How odd. She looked so... naked without her hat.

"Bern has a crush? But she's so...Emotionless... Au..." Marisa's voice rang as the next interview started. Kerin looked at her, chewing slowly.

"Well, she was hanging out with that other demon," Kerin tapped his lip thoughtfully. "You know, the one the tattoo snake tried to get on? But I'm not sure if that's an alliance or something... different." He let out a small cough. "Besides, everyone has someone, right?" He added with a smile. Kerin himself always had someone to think about; his family. Though he could never reach them, he always thought about what would happen if they were to meet again. And now, he had Marisa and Fang. His first vampire friends.
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