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Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

"Oh..." I mumble softly, looking back at the screen. "I didn't really have anyone.... My dad was...Um... A bully. And mama was scared... Dad kidnapped her and they died." I whisper softly, picking at my food. I have no interest for the meat, so I only eat what I can of the potatoes and veggies. When I'm watching the television, everything suddenly stops. I'm staring at this older woman from the Human District. A huge woman with broad shoulders, muscled limps, and a six pack. With black hair, and the same olive eyes as Fang, I have no doubt in my mind, when I see her name flash on the screen when it's the end of her interview.

Presia Yumigami.

I stumble not to drop my plate, and I watch this woman wide-eyed. She was... Fang's older sister? Was that why he was so willing to leave? I set down my plate, and slowly nuzzle myself into Kerin's side. Nobody survived these games, except Bernkastel. My face goes pale, as I come to the realization that Fang watched his sister die last year, and is participating this year. The angel interviews go unnoticed by me, and the screen flickers to the opening of the games. The participants are in a small field of tall grass, while just outside, is a rain forest. Immediately I pick out Presia and Bernkastel. The two are directly beside eachother on their metal plates.

3....2....1. The cannon sounds, and before I can even blink, Bernkastel is over by what every refers to, as the Karma Heap. Basically, it's a pile of supplies and weapons set before the participants at the start of the game. Bern easily picks out the best supplies, which includes a District bag, tent supply, the Lemon Bag, and finally, the Gadget Pack. Those are the most expensive things set out in the games, and she got them all before anyone came within ten feet of the heap. She didn't even touch the weapons. Immediately, she was out of the and carrying all this stuff by flight.

Presia is the fourth person at the pile. She fights over the rights to a sword, before making do with a mace and clubbing the male over the head. She takes back the sword with ease, grabs a jacket, and runs out in the opposite direction of Bern. The fight goes on in the field for quite some time. In total, five people are already dead. Eleven people left.

Now we watch, as all of them slowly die out in the rain forest. It rains alot, but this is literal, acid rain. It burns the flesh and leaves you screaming. Humming birds with long beaks skewer participants through their arms, legs, neck... Another four are dead by sunrise. The next few days, are silent. Bernkastel seems to be holding the camera's attention. She has made a camp. Everything she'll ever need, is in this area just by the electric barrier circling the arena. Tent, fishing supplies, rope, food, water, night vision goggles, and a knife... She's all set. It only becomes clear what happened to her gadgets, when a huge man goes to attack her, and he's suddenly upside down in a tree. A vampire. This vampire is screaming bloody murder, as Bern sits there. Sipping her water and watching him thrash about like he's a bird. After an hour of him throwing fireballs, only for them to be caught and thrown into the nearby acid stream, does Bern do something about him. In the most casual way, she walks over to the tree and touches the wire. The vampire is screaming for her to spare him, but it's no use. With little emotion, Bern flicks the wire and goes inside her tent to sleep. It rains during the night, and there are screams of mercy. When Bern comes out in sunrise, there is nothing left of the man. The acid ate right through to even his bones.
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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