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    Chapter 3 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    "Kerin-sama isn't my friend," I mumble softly, listening to the subtle sounds of Bern switching the trap back on. I nuzzle deeper into Kerin. "I think Kerin-sama can be my brother. He'd be a good brother, mew..." I look up at him, and smile. Yup. My brother. He could be the sibling I never had.

    "Uhm. Ten. It's....8:45 right now. Uu."

    I look back at the screen, as a voice catches my attention. Presia's voice. Jacket over her shoulders and the sword in hand, she's running heavily through the forest; hot on the heels of a vampire. She opens out her jacket, takes out a knife, and it digs right into the spine of the vampire. Now Presia is on top of the vampire. This female blood-sucker is swearing that she'll kill Presia. Presia only sighs, rolling the knife along her fingers.

    "Well, a compromise would be to change me into a vampire. Then we'll hunt down Bernkastel together." The vampire grumbles, since she has no choice but to obey. The screen flickers back to Bern, just as the vampire bites Presia, and Presia digs the knife into her throat. Bern is doing her usual weird stuff. Drawing pentagrams in the dirt. Mumbling spells. At one point, she summons a huge snake. But it all disappears within seconds. Then, she looks up to find Presia holding a gun to her head.

    I give out a tiny squeak. "T-there's one empty gun in the game. You have to find the bullets hidden around..."

    Bern only smiles lightly, and offers her a piece of fruit. Presia, not expecting this, slowly lowers her gun. Within the hour, the two become allys and friends. Bern allows her to drink her blood, in exchange for Presia's station as guard. Down to the last four, the two final people; an angel and a demon, find their way to the camp and attack Presia. Presia manages to shoot the demon, but he easily stabs her gut with her own sword. Bern comes out just to see Presia collapse.

    The angel and demon back off slightly as Bern grabs Presia in her arms. Bernkastel doesn't say any kind words. She's silent as she stares into Presia's dying eyes. When the woman speaks for the final time, Bern looks... Saddened.

    "I...Just wanted to see my little brother again... Am I dying?" Bern nods, and watches, as the woman goes limp; eyes still open.

    When Bern moves, the angel backs slightly with obvious fear in her eyes. The demon is confused. Until Bern looks up at them. Blood-stained red eyes.

    "You didn't need to kill her. She was a vampire. It wouldn't affect your winnings... But... That was a fatal mistake on your part." She takes her bloodie hand to her face, and looks at it calmly. "I suggest begging for your lives. You will regret killing her, and not me." She licks the blood off her fingers, and bares her teeth. Two of them which are more defined than the others.

    "Nothing. Nobody, can kill me now."

    With a quick, sliding movement, it's all over. I watch as a gigantic snake comes out from Bern's palm, and eats the demon whole. The angel, terrified, flees. No use. Bern is quick to catch her. She whispers into her ear.

    "You... I'll kill anyone who hurts the people I care for. Now with nobody left, but him, I won't hold back, until he's safe for an eternity. Long live, Lord Ashura." And with a quick motion, Bern snaps the angel's neck.

    Chapter 3- Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    I close my eyes. What I see, is everything I must do before the games begin. Did I miss anything? Are there any gaps to this plan? None that I am aware of. Just stick to the plan, and everything will go smoothly. Only small conversations can be made outside the schedule. Nothing more, nothing less. Follow each move I make, and think about how it will affect the outcome of the future. No guessing. I have to be completely certain of everything. There are no second chances.

    I open my eyes, just as the elevator door slides away. As expected, nothing has changed when it came to style and decor. I step into the dining room silently. Everything is the same, so I only give a few glnces here and there. It's the same pattern of dark colors as last time. Dark blues...Reds...Purples...Black. The odd white. I seat myself down on a wooden chair with red csions. Before us, is an elegant black table cloth with a few unlit candles here and there. Besides the red rose petals, its empty. However, it won't be for long. A male servant approaches me, and asks if I am ready for supper. I nod, and direct my attention accompanying me in this room. He also, just happens to be my ally.

    "Please, sit and eat... I would like to know your strengths so I can be a better ally to you. The same goes for you. Since there is nobody to hear, feel free to ask anythng." I watch as the servant comes back with my meal. He must have remembered me from last year, because my portion is much, much smaller compared to a regular meal. A bit of chicken, veggies, bread, cheese, and some fruit. I don't eat much, so food is never a problem in the arena. Water, is the main difficulty. Nothing can live long without water. Even then, water sources are usually tainted.

    "I suppose you have come to the conclusion that Ryuu is stupid as well...?" I ask. I take the knife given to me for my chicken, and instead cut a tiny slit in my thumb. Silently, I draw a symbol on my wrist. After a few seconds, my blood turns into a rest smoke and manifests beside me. What forms, in none other than Mammon. Wearing her blood-colored dress with bones lining across it, she snickers. "It's hilarious, really~ I didn't even feel a thing!" I look at Mammon, and pass her my fruit. "You're just too good at playing dead, Mammon."
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