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    Originally Posted by Etoire View Post
    Whoa, it's been a while since I've been back to the story, sorry. It's really great, I liked it, as always!

    Also, understandable why you wouldn't want to put someone's words in your story, I get it =D Thanks for the support, but whenever I try to write a story it never goes well. I've written one sort of, if you're interested I can link it. Garbage compared to what you've written, I'm sure. I posted the story onto this forum under a poor name "Etoire and Gaara", hopefully being renamed "The Bonds of Friendship" by a moderator soon.

    I'm hoping this isn't a bump, since he's still an active author I'm hoping. I missed out on a few days, and returned to post.
    Haha yeah don't worry, I'm still active. I've just been waiting to get some chapters done to release some more, and this thread has more coming very soon! Anyways, thanks for still reading my story!

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

    anyways, check out my fanfic, Legends of Kanto
    first volume completed, chapter releases on the way!
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