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    Hieros Gamos is a 3v3 monster-battler RPG based on Dragon Warrior Monsters, Pokemon, and Shin Megami Tensei. It is currently being developed in Game Maker 8.

    In the world of Roeizek, alchemy has developed so much that it is the single driving force behind everything in the world. The form of alchemy used in Roeizek is homunculus based - most alchemists get by through summoning and binding powerful creatures to do their bidding. After they are finished with, these creatures get released into the wild, causing an influx of monsters surrounding towns and cities. This development called for a new breed of alchemist, one who had the utmost understanding of the homunculi - one who could bind any homunculus to their will.

    You are the younger brother/sister of one of these alchemists. Your sister, Morgan, set off three years ago in order to study the Hieros Gamos, the ultimate breeding rite between two super-powerful homunculi. One year ago she was pronounced missing, and you haven't gotten any contact from her until now.

    On your doorstep lays a small package. Inside said package is a large crystal - one homunculi are known to produce after they breed.

    The return address is illegible, except for the name "Morgan".

    As you wait for the crystal to hatch, you read the note left behind by Morgan.

    "Please don't come after me. I'm fine."

    This isn't the truth. You know it that if Morgan was really okay she'd come home.

    When the crystal hatches, you set off to find your sister, and ultimately, the secret of the Hieros Gamos...


    -Battle with, breed, and raise over 150 homunculi in their 4 stages of growth
    -3v3 battle system with combination attacks and over 200 skills
    -Three-faceted Personality system means no two homunculi are exactly the same
    -4 Basic and 16 Complex elements, each with its own focus
    -Megaten-style recruitment - convince a homunculi to join your side, if you dare
    -Retro-style homunculus graphics

    The elements:
    Earth+Earth = Earth
    Earth>Fire = Metal
    Earth>Water = Wood
    Earth>Air = Sand

    Fire>Earth = Sulphur
    Fire+Fire = Fire
    Fire>Water = Steam
    Fire>Air = Lightning

    Water>Earth = Blood
    Water>Fire = Catalyst
    Water+Water = Water
    Water>Air = Snow

    Air>Earth = Sound
    Air>Fire = Nuclear
    Air>Water = Miasma
    Air+Air = Air

    The first type of Personality, thinking type:

    Thinking Type:
    There are 9 thinking types, based on the Enneagram of Personality. The Thinking Types determine stat bonuses as well as what your homunculus likes to eat and do. With a wild homunculus, the Thinking Type determines what types of questions they may ask you or things they may ask for when you recruit them.
    Thinking type is the only visible personality facet, seen on the status screen.

    1. Reformer:
    Reformer homunculi tend to be perfectionists. They seek balance in everything they do, and can sometimes become over-critical of themselves.
    Stat Bonus: Health
    "Uhm, excuse me sir/ma'am alchemist... but the third button from the bottom on your jacket is undone"
    "No, no, no! I should have used my charge attack instead of that spell... stupid, stupid me!"

    2. Helper
    Helper homunculi are the spreaders of cheer and joy throughout Roeizek. They are kind, caring, and giving, however they may not pay attention to themselves.
    Stat Bonus: Spirit
    "Here, I saved this meat for you. What do you mean, I haven't eaten in three days?"
    "You're the best alchemist ever! I really mean it!"

    3. Achiever
    Achiever homunculi are homunculi of action, trying to always be doing something. This can be a disadvantage, however, because sometimes they can become unaware of their own emotions.
    Stat Bonus: Melee Attack
    "40.7 seconds to maim that Birddon... a new record. Let's get moving"
    "Come on, go go go go go go!"

    4. Individualist
    Individualist homunculi are, in essence, the emo kids of Roeizek. They focus their thoughts on their feelings and emotions, and wish to be true to themselves and others. They are very sensitive, but can also be drama queens.
    Stat Bonus: Wisdom
    "I chipped a claw back there... man, I just feel like crying right now"
    "Hey, do you have my Little Man CD? Their music is sort of a guilty pleasure for me"

    5. Investigator
    Investigator homunculi live for knowledge and wisdom. They want to know everything! Investigators are calm under pressure and objective with others problems, though they tend to have detached relationships.
    Stat Bonus: Magic Attack
    "Okay everyone, stay calm. 2 casualties isn't bad"
    "Did you know that moving coffin homunculi were used during the Plague Years to get the infected bodies far away from cities?"

    6. Loyalist
    Loyalist homunculi want to feel safe always, so they usually turn to their alchemist or another authority figure for protection. They have the uncanny ability to tell when someon is lying. They can suffer from severe paranoia.
    Stat Bonus: Mana
    "I swear, that tree moved! Will you hold my paw?"
    "I KNOW you ate that last cookie"

    7. Enthusiast
    Enthusiast homunculi try to block out bad experiences, believing that it is a waste of time to think bad things. This makes them optimistic and fun to be around, however when they must deal with unpleasant things they tend to break down.
    Stat Bonus: Physical Defense
    "Think happy thoughts!"
    "Don't tell me he's dead! PLEASE don't tell me he's dead"

    8. Challenger
    Challenger homunculi are leaders, strong allies that other homunculi look up to. They are very self-sufficient, however, this can lead to them being controlling of those around them.
    Stat Bonus: Charisma
    "I can do it myself"
    "You're doing it all WRONG!"

    9. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker homunculi just want everyone to stop fighting and get along. They make warm, thoughtful and kind friends, however they can have trouble expressing when they DO get angry, and can also have difficulty saying "no".
    Stat Bonus: Magic Defense
    "Come on you two, it's not a big deal"
    "Well... I guess I'll do it"


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