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"Kerin-sama isn't my friend," Marisa said, nuzzling closer to Kerin. He felt his heart drop into his feet and a lump rise into his throat. Did she really mean that? What were friends then, if they weren't this? "I think Kerin-sama can be my brother. He'd be a good brother, mew..." Kerin exhaled and almost slapped himself in the head. Right, his sister. She would be his Dana. No, wait. No, she would be his Marisa. She was not like Dana, or Nora or ... Quinn. He couldn't just replace his family. No, she was Marisa.

"Thank you," Kerin said and pulled his eyes back to the television. Fang's sister was a good fighter, he could see. She kept her calm, even turning into a vampire for the sake of the competition. Kerin screwed up his face as he watched the vampire bite the girl, then the vampire's neck immediately being severed by the girl. Who would... want that? He looked away for a little, inspecting the buckle on the cuff on his wrist until he heard Bernkastel's voice again. Oh good, at least Bernkastel was capable of alliances. And when the angel and demon attacked, she fought quite valiantly. And when the girl died, she avenged her with a giant snake. A... snake? Was that the one on her arm? Though that wasn't the only question he had for Marisa.

"What happens if a vampire was to bite a demon or an angel? And do the rules change for Humans who change? Like, are they still considered a human if a them and a vampire from the vampire district remain?" Kerin fiddled with the buckle again. "Oh, and do you think... that snake is the one from Bernkastel's arm?"

He smiled again. He sure felt stupid, asking someone who was at least 5 years younger than he was so many questions.
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