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    Thread Title: Theory about Lavender Town?

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on this forum for too long, I've had a lot of work over the summer and I guess I haven't had any spare time to use the internet

    Either way, I read some creepy stories over the summer, which my close friend showed me. Things like Pokémon Creepy Black and The Old man and his Machops. They're pretty creepy, but I wonder, would Nintendo actually have a few secrets to hide about these Pokémon games? Either way, I know there are a lot of scary stories circulating on 4chan /x/ and the like about Lavender Town and I have read a few and this isn't a lie, trust me. Over the summer, I found my old Pokémon Gold Cartridge. Intrested in my progress which, for the life of me, I couldn't remember, I popped the cartridge into my half-broken Gameboy Advance SP. It was an old silver one, it had a scratched screen and the light was broken... but I digress. I had saved my game in Goldenrod City, so I wandered around the city for a while, looking at places like the radio tower and the flower shop. I had an exetremely over-powered Lugia, around Level 90 in my party, the rest were underleveled. I had a Hypno level 54 and some others around that level. I then used the magnet train, after I remembered I found the missing Part for the power plant in the Cerulean Gym by chance, I also had got the Copycat's Clefairy Doll back. So I used the magnet train and it took me to Saffron City. I proceeded West to Lavender Town.
    I don't really remember the nightmarish music that played in R/B/Y, as Gold was my first Pokémon game, so I had no problems with the new theme introduced for Gen. II. I went into the Radio Tower, and after speaking to a few people, such as the receptionist and the old man who gives you the Kanto Radio Card, I wondered if you could go upstairs so you could see what was happening up there, much like the Goldenrod tower.

    This is where my theory comes in.
    The guard tells you that he will not allow you upstairs, because the tower was afraid, because the had heard of recent attacks in Johto by team rocket. What if... What if... this is a cover up. The guard was bought off by the owner of the Radio Tower in Kanto, to keep quiet about what was really upstairs. Remember how there used to be a Pokémon tower there? Well, Lavender knocked that tower down and managed to erect a large tower for radio broadcasting. How disrespectful is that? People describe the original theme of Lavender as nightmarish, sounds like death. Maybe this was impelemented because the town was based on death, and now that the music has changed to something a lot more cheerful, it symbolises how death has left the town. But... listening to the theme, you can... just about hear the previous theme underneath the newer one. This could be symbolized by the upstairs of the Radio Tower. The upstairs is inhabited by ghosts, who cause nothing but trouble for the entire radio tower. The DJ's make pre-recorded broadcasts at their houses the preceeding day, then, the next day, going to their work, they hand in the broadcast and the receptionist broadcasts it from the downstairs. The computer she has is a terminal which activated the broadcaster at the top of the tower. Why did they have to operate like this? I'll tell you.

    One day, when they had their upstairs and everything was fine, and being Live-Broadcast, some paranormal goings-on occured. Mics would play static and that's all the listeners would hear. Windows in recording booths would smash and fire extinguishers would activate over electrical equipment. Everyone had to evacuate downstairs, and now there is a guard on the staircase 24/7. The executive of the radio tower decided this should not be a burden. He could make it SEEM like the Radio Tower was functioning normally, and the place could still be a tourist attraction. So he paid the guard on the stairs to keep quiet about that day. He even told Gold/Silver the lie. The ghosts are still up there now, and the executive has forbidden anyone to go up there.

    How can this story have got no replies already? Everything makes sense now. The entire town of Lavender is weird. Nothing's changed from the time of R/B/Y.

    I suppose you're right. Even still this is a theory and it might not be true. Who knows?

    I guess we'll never know.

    I've read through this entire thread and I agree with it all, there's always a backstory to things like this. Lavender Town is getting weirder and weirder.

    Another thing, unless everyone in kanto worked on that tower, it must have taken over 4 years. How could they have built it that quick.

    Theres only one explanation! They used old materials from the Pokemon Tower! The ghosts were angry that they were taking their resting place and turning it into something else... Using the materials was the last straw! It all makes sense, it angered the ghosts to the point where they would hurt the humans in the tower... They strive to this day to get the humans out of the tower forever and keep their resting place sacred.

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