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Originally Posted by teamVASIMR View Post
Hey, I'm back too.

1. Why is Kester narrating in English all of a sudden?

I don't know if this was intentional anymore, but before, you had translated Hoennian in the regular sans-serif font (Verdana?), while English was in a serif font (Times New Roman?).

Can you see if you can change the font in your word processor before copying it into the reply box?

2. I got the Star Wars reference. Yay!

3. Puck didn't make a Kill Bill reference? That moment was just begging for a Kill Bill reference! Or did he but I just didn't get it?

4. Kester and Duncan seem to have forgotten about Lucy?
#1. Something's gone wrong with my word processor. I'm sorry about that - and I'm trying to fix it, believe me - but for now, anything I paste anywhere comes out in Baskerville Old Face. EDIT: It was a problem with my browser, not my word processor, oddly enough; I've fixed it now. I think.

#2. Good for you.

#3. Puck made a lot of Kill Bill references before, and I kind of got tired of them.

#4. True, but remember that they were fleeing for their lives. Doubtless, Kester will have some explaining to do when Duncan realises the deception (as he surely will)...

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