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Originally Posted by Tyranee View Post
Lol I love this I may do a video LP of this for LULz one day. Your LP is hilarious btw. Keep it up.
I would love to see that and thank you very much.

Well another mildly short part but it makes it easier to do everyday.

Part 9

That's terrible but, do people really say heinous anymore?

I mean the explosions must be hard but they cant be any worse than Creepers.

Sir every time you yelled in that sentience you managed to spit in my face

Oh I just thought it was a new trend.

Well it explains the hole in the wall.

You need money just do what I do go beat up little kids pokemon then take their money after you beat them.... What do you mean that's not legal?!?!

Well then why don't you COME AT ME BRO!

Yeah you I'm calling you out.

Yeah and Chuck Norris was not born in a fiery explosion of awesomeness.

F&*% you ya God dam sleep spammer!

Oh no no no no no no no. YOU WILL BE PURGED!

Wait why are you giving it to me.

Hey you Get outta here... He knows what he did

It is in my hand take it God Dammit

No shown him running in slow motion near some water.

Really it can't be that bad... OH DEAR GOD PUT IT BACK ON!!!

+ 20 Glory points to Yuoaman

It seems that Bay Watch has taken a liking to The HOFF. This is after some off screen grinding.

I just realized... I'm Underground

They say if you look directly at it it will steal your soul.

Dream on Dream on Dream until you dreams come Trueueueue!

I really don't know where I was going with this.

This one actually looks pretty cool.

And then you read about it.


You the bird who is NOT A WATER TYPE

Dark magic carpet?... Oh you can't fly can you.

Just so I won't forget

Yeah just birds that are not water types

You were just staring at each other.

You don't Hassle The HOFF. You don't know how long I have been waiting to use that one liner.

Cool Story Broett

The HOFF doesn't take anything from anyone

Why is he not racing?

Oh yeah that's right because he's Dead

At what my friend?

My God it looks like it came out of Quartz Love ya Baro

The world will be saved

Hey you walked over here to talk to me

I like the sound of that

I really don't know how to describe this one

Haven't seen Conga in a while so Conga line

Everyone! I Have arrived!

Do you guy's want to see me train any one new?

And if so who will we take out? Just remember Bay Watch and The HOFF are permanent party members.