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Part Thirteen: The Continued Competition
Or seeing how weird some trainer sprites get.


Last off we beat the 2nd person and Not-Sandslash evolved and got a bit of weight and a P to his name. Onwards to more victory!

Do you?

Is that a yes?

Try looking at that expression closely there. She seems very...surprised or something.

Go, Dodo's cousin!

This'll be easy.

Surprisingly it is a water type and so ends the quickest third round ever.

I suppose we know how the Dodo went extinct!

Damn straight!

IDK why they keep telling me to 'keep moving' to get to the next round... Maybe they think that I'd just stand there?

Hey let's continue standing here and-wait-

The owl happen again, of ALL PLACES!

So he wants to be more machine-like?

Okay, thanks for telling me - I'll be sure not to give him that.

Aww, no short cuts allowed here either in this way. =(

...Sorry that you're sick? Just don't sneeze on me.

And this part of the comp is where the trainer sprites get especially weird. I mean, look at him. And he's called NOISY as well...

What him riding a tiny car has to do with him having 'got a cold' though is beyond me.

Naturally his first e-monster is the one that looks like a beheaded monkey. =(

Thanks for the hint!

The battle wasn't very exciting with Not-Sandslash and Killer Pony.

Jumpity jump-jump.

Gee, it's not my fault you have a bad cold - stop trying to make me feel sorry. =(

He also walks away unlike his sprite suggesting he has a car I don't even. =/

Encountered this guy in the wild but I did not get his number. I kinda like his look though.

Wait, why are there two people here?

So... the T fungi gentlemen the top what?

Fine I'll let you finish.

What, that's it? Okay, can do!

Why are you still jumping.

Uh...who are you talking to?


So are we to fight...?


...So you're reporters? Reporters in uncomfortable poses?

I...I don't understand.

Why does this bird's leg not actually attach to the body correctly what.

Now, this battle actually is harder because they have more than one e-monster at the start! =o

I kinda feel sorry for the poor thing.

And then it fires petals or...something at me. =/ It's very fast but that's basically it, besides the type advantage thing.

Strangest looking 'mouth' attack also should have attacked Not-Sandslash but I'm not complaining about bad AI!

Now, this is a neat move here. It doesn't do that much damage, but it has a decent chance of this:

And it can't do anything until it heals itself - like being scared from Shout. And that takes up an entire turn in itself!


Yeah, while you're there...

Somehow it survives!

Not for long though.

Go!, says the OSIE, as it raises its defence. =/

Oh no it's doing something!

It looks like it could be-

...Oh. Like anything in this game needs more of that.



There's nothing quite as satisfying as winning by using Hoof, seriously.


Sore losers.

I guess they came from the ocean...? Anyways they disappear and we continue onward!

Two questions with the same answer:


Or jumping if you're Bek, I guess.

So winning.

Bek... at this stage everyone here is being called T Mildew. =(

I wonder why this guy stayed here. I mean, if he walks in, he would win!

Instead he prefers jumping at Bek.

What a...strange looking guy.

This guy is an evolution of OSIE.

No, really.

3-on-2 battle initially so it's kinda in our favour, although you'd think with this being the final battle it may be harder than the previous.

Oh wait.

How about...


No, buy your own alcohol to drown your own sorrows away! I'm too busy winning.

Why are you here.

No seriously why are you here.

Damn straight, Bek.

...Yes, we've already realised.


I like how it became a [term!].

"I'm just a hard working honest man! I have five kids!"

Bek being smart?

...Change Jimmy?

And he makes a run for it. Should we go stop him, Bek?

Clearly he has more important things on his mind.



That's it?



Worst competition ever.

And it doesn't stop these spam calls either!

Well naturally if you have a Ray gun you're able to kill stuff quicker!

Strange place for an autograph, but okay!

Let's start heading to the next place then, I guess!

God darn it. If anything this new phone is worse!


I guess that'll be in the next update thanks to Netaro here. (Hey, isn't he supposed to be delivering water anyway...?)


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